Tuesday, January 10, 2012


What’s your favorite ice cream?
Mine is Haagen Dazs- deliciously tempting, a new indulgence

My favorite variety - Indulgence at its most desirable
from Haagen Dazs

A smooth, sweet, cold food prepared from a frozen mixture of milk products and flavorings, containing a minimum of 10 percent milk fat and eaten as a snack or dessert.

Ice cream is a sweet, flavored mixture based on dairy products that have turned solid through freezing. Traditional ice cream contains milk, cream, sugar, natural flavors and eggs (though not always). When it begins to freeze, the mixture is beaten to stop the formation of ice crystals, which results in a light and creamy product.
For a product to be called "ice cream," it must contain at least 10% fat, or 8% if there is added cocoa, chocolate syrup, fruits or nuts. If a product contains less fat, it is called a "dairy dessert."
from Haagen Dazs
Industrially made ice cream is generally made from a mixture of cream, milk or evaporated milk (or both), to which non fatty milk solids are added. It also contains sugar (14%-16%), emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavors and colorings, sometimes natural but most often artificial.

The yield is the increase in volume of a frozen product by adding air, also known as the "overrun." Ice cream with an overrun of 20%-50% would yield creamier ice cream; above 50% would yield mushy, liquidy ice cream that melts quickly.
Choose: firmly frozen containers of ice cream, without any frost. Preferably buy frozen products from a store with a constant turnover of stock to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. Check the label for food additives
Frozen products left at room temperature lose flavor and are more likely to contain ice crystals if they are refrozen.

In the freezer: 1 month, in an airtight container in the coldest part of the freezer

What are the ingredients in sherbet and ice cream?   wiki.answers (excerpts)
The ingredients for ice cream are milk, sugar, cream, air, and some fruit flavoring.
Ice cream at its simplest is made of milk, cream, sugar and some flavoring, such as fruit puree or vanilla. Some ice cream recipes use a custard base, which call for eggs and flour, as well
Green tea ice cream with red bean paste
How do you make lemon ice cream

- 450ml Double cream 
- 175g Icing sugar 
- 3/4 Lemons 
 - A whisk of any sort, but electric is easiest :) 
- Sieve 
- Freezer proof box or bowl 
- Zester (optional) 
- A knife that will cut lemons

Beat up and freeze the mixture. When it begins to freeze, the mixture is beaten to stop the formation of ice crystals, which results in a light and creamy product

Make amerena ice cream
Yes. Amarena (crystallized morello cherries), or amaretto, which is both a liqueur made from crushed almond and/or apricot pits and a delicious biscuit (same ingredients plus sugar and egg whites.)

It can IF it is cold enough because very cold ice cream holds dry ice which can burn your tongue.
Probably about 4, but you could melt in a measuring cup for exact number.
From Haagen Dazs

Eating ice cream when having a cold?

It may not help much. Dairy products tend to increase the presence of mucus. If you have a cold or cough, this is not the best thing to have happen. To stay hydrated and help to thin mucus, drink lots of water as opposed to milk, ice cream, or other dairy products. 

In addition, sugar is broken down into glucose. 
Therefore, glucose is abundant in the system  after a nice helping of ice cream. Vitamin C and glucose have the same receptor sites on a cell in our body. Vitamin C is impaired to proper immune function. The more glucose you put in the system, the less chance  for Vit. C to bind to these receptor sites.
 People think that taking a massive load of vit. C is helpful when they're sick. This is only because it helps to increase the ratio of Vit. C to glucose. If they didn't consume so much sugar, they wouldn't need to take extra in the first place.

What flavor ice cream goes best with carrot cake?
Vanilla ice cream
It tastes kind of like a salty and sweet flavor
What happens if you eat spoiled ice cream?
It's basically like drinking spoiled milk, and it might not taste very well.
My son is lactose intolerant, so we make ice cream with vanilla flavored soy milk, and usually add bananas and blueberries...

yes it will make your lips thick
What did the cake say to the ice cream Riddles?
You're cooll
Is ice cream a substance or a mixture?
Its a mixture- cream, milk, sugars, food colorings preservatives, and in some cases, antifreeze.

One answer - Blood being excessively cooled in your neck when  you eat and swallow ice cream too quickly.


  1. Thanks for the recipe..This looks mouthwatering


  2. Very COOL! haha. I like Haagen Das also, and Dove bars are very good too!

  3. Chocolate!!!!
    I usually don't love chocolate but in ice-cream it is very good!

  4. Any ice cream would do for me!...and its summer now in Australia - time for tones of ice cream ;-)

  5. Hi Wan, how you doin'? Wow! I have always loved ice cream.....
    and believe it or not, never been to this Haagen Dazs, or even Starbucks.
    I buy mine from the supermarket....and will add either durian or lychee or longan from packets or tins....love eating while watching TV movie.
    One of my all time favourites is banana split ice cream.

    Love the beautiful pics here......
    You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  6. oh.. ice creammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!:)) *sigh* actually I don't like ice cream,..... *blink* blink* if it's just one scoop!! :) lols I love ice cream so much!! :) muahhhhhhhhh thanks for sharing us this mouthwatering and sometimes cause of toothache, hahaha

    Thank you Wan for sharing! :) *kisses*

  7. I love icecream. Eat and enjoy it anytime a day and any time in a year. Nice treat today. It is midnight here and I feel like tasting your icecream.

  8. hi aarthi, thanks for your visit dear, have a nice day day

  9. hi 1-2Punch, many thanks for coming dear, i have never tried dove bars before, must go look for it.
    you being the punch expert says its nice, i trust your great taste..ha ha have a nice day

  10. hi ana, thanks for your visit, i love chocolates more than chocolate ice cream.. dont know why.. anyway cocoa/ dark chocolate, creates one into a cheerful mood. have a nice day

  11. hi julie, thanks for coming and glad you also love ice cream..so far everybody does ha ha.
    have a nice day

  12. hi jasna, thanks for coming dear, wow, i am sure you have lots more delicious varieties at your place.. yummy !..have a wonderful day

  13. hi Lee, many thanks for coming over, sorry to hear about your computer major breakdown...still, apple is the best, you got your files saved.
    i also love to eat ice cream your style, but i prefer them with my favorite vanilla flavor. have a wonderful day Lee

  14. so much information about everyone's favourite ice creams.... wow... fabulous post..

  15. hi linda, thanks for coming by..haaaa you are the one who bought all the ice cream in the supermarket... i am also crazy of vanilla ice, but -i love all the flavors if it is hagen dazs.
    ..have a nice day dear- hugs too

  16. Lovely post on Ice-cream, I love Ice cream no matter it is Summer or winter :) Great recipe for Ice cream as well..

  17. hi uma, thanks for coming over, wow, you can eat ice cream at midnight- summer nights ok..
    we both like ice cream very much, so far all my friends who have commented in here, ALL like ice cream soooooooo much ha ha have a nice day

  18. hi amina, glad you came by, ya, sure looks like ice cream is everyone favorite- just discovered this, when i blog on it. have a nice day

  19. Nice post...I am not a big ice cream person but other two people in my home are very fond of it...

  20. hi prathiba, thanks dear for your kind visit, wow, you can eat ice cream during winters too... you must be such a great lover of ice cream... looks like its one magical foodie huh.
    have a nice day

  21. hi reshmi, glad you came, you still eat ice cream even tho not much, needless to speak,ice cream is popular. have a nice day

  22. Wow! Ice-cream! I tried to make ice-cream a few years ago, and it didn't turn out to be the way I expect it to be. Maybe I should try your recipe? :D
    Have a nice day

  23. ice cyyeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!! *big eyes* clap clap* *jumping*
    i'll take the Belgian choco! don't worry, i'll share them with my hon :) *blink blink*
    8wiggle wiggle* *holding ice cyeam*

  24. Ice-cream is probably my favorite indulgence. My favorite flavor is Baskin Robin's Nutty Coconut. ...or homemade. There's something about it that is so tasty!

  25. hi beanizer, you have been so quiet since new year, must be a long holiday for you..anyway all the best to you for 2012...ahaa, where is your hon..i have to visit her, i saw she got something new today, whats gonna be with your blog this year, any new post huh ? strobeghi fruity would be good for you both..ha ha
    have a nice day, thanks for coming over

  26. hi nash, great you came over,why not try the above recipe, make sure the percentage of milk/ cream is followed. happy trying. have a nice day

  27. hi ann, many thanks for coming over, baskin robins nutty coconut your favorite ?..mmmm, i must try that sometimes...as recomended.. do we all love ice cream- such a wonder foodie, universal acceptance. have a nice day dear

  28. i came back coz i smell some crabby and oysters over there! yum yum! i'll take them i'll take them!

  29. Wow, an informative post on ice-cream!:) I think even kids will be hooked on to read this :p

  30. Ice cream is one of my weaknesses!

  31. hi beanie, i sent you an email..thanks, say hi to sie.

  32. hello Wan..ok my hon gave me my share of your ice cream..I have an announcement on my site..kindly deliver our ice cream to add up to my celebration please..I am waiting for you there..you are my friend so why your not still visiting me *pout*.

  33. Favorite post of the day: all about ice cream!

  34. hi christy, thanks for coming over, glad you like the post...yummy for all. have a nice day

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  37. Ice cream is not a favorite in my household but I love it Fantastic photos too...

  38. Hi Sie, i visited you and comment not published i think-cos my net connection.. i will go again, already read your post.
    attachment here-> Hagen Dazs Belgium choc ice cream for you both. email ok, good night sie and take care

  39. hi treat and tricks, so you also love ice cream, ha ha thanks for coming over and have a nice day dear.

  40. hi yummy chunklet, many thanks for coming over, favorite post of the day? thank you so much, feel so good, just like the yummy hagen dazs indulgence. have a nice day dear

  41. Hi! wan, how are you doing? I hope everything is going perfect. Very interesting post about Ice Creams, nowadays there are many company who have made and designed many varities but I cant forget the flavour of Natural Ice, which is made from Milk, Coconut and Sugar here in our country.
    Old is Gold applies here.
    Sorry for late commenting, you may know that I am very busy with my job and classes, I hardly get time spare time. Hey, Check out my new blog design with a new post, which will sure interest you.

  42. hi sarang mangi, glad you came- very busy days at work, you just working, if you keep on, every day will be a very busy day for you- you must try not to overwork or let your employer take advantage of you...
    wonder how that coconut and milk combination tastes like. will visit your blog soon, have a nice day.

  43. very lovely post on icecreams..who doesn't like ice cream? lemon ice cream sounds great :) i am amazed by how u come up with such nice posts :)

    Regarding your question about soya chunks and potatoes, sure you can do that combo as well..it will surely taste delicious :)

  44. hi sobha, thanks for coming over and for all the great compliments.. yes, i will add potatoes, cant wait to try out this yummy recipe of yours. have a nice day dear.

  45. Great facts on ice-cream and thank you for the recipe because I have never made ice-cream at home though most of the time its sorbet. Gonna give this recipe a try soon.

  46. Slam,
    Its such a nice post! I like reading this awesome info about ice cream...yummm..but I must not stay more at your post because I am already having a throat infection these days which is because of cold & if I will enjoy your post for a few more moments,I may go to enjoy any ice cream..which will not be a good thing for me..haha..so I must leave after writing appreciation!
    Thank you dearest :)

  47. hi nava, thanks for coming over, good for you to give the recipe a try., have a nice day

  48. I love ice-cream! It's my fave! :)

  49. hi creative mind, thanks for coming over...ohh i am sorry to hear that you got sore throat, do get well soon dear. take care and have a nice day

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  51. After reading this post I want some ice cream now!

  52. hi three cookies, thanks for the visit, sure sure, ok go have a haagen dazs for me..thanks and have a pleasant day

  53. I love ice cream!!! It's cold outside, but your post makes my mouth water! Great information, too! Wishing you a very Happy New Year :)

  54. hi ambreen, thanks for visiting. ice cream also yummy during winter tome. ha ha
    have a nice day

  55. Ah my favorite ice cream would be anything with strawberry flavor

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