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The above maple tree which produces maple syrup, now going through autumn, in beautiful hues of orange , yellow and red..soon the leaves will all drop and winter sets in. This awesome photo was captured by my dear blogger friend Lee from Toronto, Canada. Thank you so much Lee for your willingness and  kind thoughts in giving me this awesome photo... smiles

Culinary art is the art of preparing and cooking foods. The word "culinary" is defined as something related to, or connected with cooking.
A culinarion is a person working in the culinary arts, commonly known as a cook or a chef.
Culinary artists are they who skillfully prepare meals that are pleasing both to the palate and  to the eyes.
Increasingly they are required to have knowledge in food science, diet and nutrition.
A recipe is a set of instructions that describe how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.
The giant purple mustard plants above and  below were  photographed by " Malay Kadazan girl" residing in Adelaide, Australia. She became a novice at gardening after her son Rayyan was diagnose with a cardiac defect.. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and willingness to share these beautiful photos
 Do visit her beautiful garden harvests at

A rhyming recipe is a recipe expressed in the form of a rhyming poem. Rhyming recipes were a common means for homemakers to memorize recipes in the late 19th and early 20th century.
I am just trying to be more learned in culinary arts, ever since I started this foodie blog. May be it is appropriate if I say, the rhyming recipe below was written by a culinary artist.
I was so happy when I came across a rhyming 1903 recipe on how to make basic bread, that I have decided to share this with my esteem visitors.
There once was, a time when a homemaker's reputation depended on her ability to produce a good loaf of bread. This recipe was to help the new housewife meet with such success… here goes:

"When a well-bred girl expects to wed,
 'tis well to remember that men like bread.
We're going to show the steps to take,
so she may learn good bread to bake.

And the rhyming goes on… interesting huh !

First, mix a lukewarm quart, my daughter,
one-half o milk and one-half of water;
to this please add two cakes of yeast,
 or the liquid kind if preferred in the least.

The rhyming was very interesting and it continued through out the recipe

"Next stir in a teaspoonful of nice clear salt, if this bread isn't good, it won't be our fault.
Now add the sugar, tablespoons three; mix well together, for dissolved they must be.
Pour the whole mixture into an earthen bowl, a pan's just as good, if it hasn't a hole.
It's the cook and the flour, not the bowl or the pan, that 'makes the bread that makes the man.'

"Now let the mixture stand a minute or two, you've other things of great importance to do.
First sift the flour use, the finest in the land. Three quarts is the measure, 'Gold Medal' the brand.

Next stir the flour into the mixture that's stood, waiting to play its part, to make the bread good. 
Mix it up thoroughly, but not too thick; some flours make bread that's more like a brick.
"Now grease well a bowl and put the dough in, don't fill the bowl full, that would be a sin'
for the dough is all right and it's going to rise, till you will declare that it's twice its size.
Brush the dough with melted butter, as the recipes say; cover with a bread towel,
set in a warm place to stay two hours or more, to rise until light, when you see it grow, you'll know it's all right….
May be I should let you just visit their website….
From wikipedia external links- Nebraska State Historical Society
And  mmmm...... the last sentence ended here:
Now put in the oven--it's ready to bake—
keep uniform fire, great results are at stake.
One hour more of waiting and you'll be repaid,
by bread that is worthy  'a well bred maid.'"

Any few lines Rhyming recipes to share, please put them in my comment box- i will publish by adding them  on, to this particular post here for you, with your links added.. thanks :)

Yes! Sie has come up with a culinary rhyming : here goes
one hour of waiting
and the clock its ticking
finally its done
my bread is well done
so let your bread cool
to make my tummy full
don’t let me stand here
and make me drool
Many thanks Sie, so beautiful, of course
cooking varieties says:
brick or bread, in oven i bake
alas, i deal with hot fires, to make the bread he desires 

Balqis,  another haiku expert  and great blogger friend of mine said
cooking varieties is a blogspot
It’s uniqueness always make me stop
Reading the recipes that are so hot
I must try them in my cooking pot
Many thanks Balqis- fantastic rhyming on culinary art
cooking varieties said
I can bake better bread 
than my ma-in-law  make  

The versatile Mari Sterling Wilbur  just said this:

So thank you for finding this and sharing
Your blog is always full of new and interesting things
Wow! mari- you are a multi talented blogger- thank youuuu    
cooking varieites said
On the  many recipes of baking  my bread
the one with cheese added, is my favorite

And  Oh yes ! this one is from  Isa Burak Gonca from Antalya
 Cut smoothly from a wheaten loaf
Ten slices, good and true
And brown them nicely, o’er the coals
As you, for toast would do

Prepare a pint of thickened milk,
Some cod fish shredded small,
And have on hand six hard-boiled eggs
Just right to slice withal

Moisten two pieces of bread,
And lay them in a dish.
Upon them, slice a hard-boiled egg
Then scatter o’er with fish

And for a seasoning you will need
Of pepper just one shake,
Then spread over the milky juice,
And thus one layer make

And thus, five times, bread, fish and eggs
Or bread and egg and fish,
Then place one egg upon the top,
To crown this breakfast dish
Isa- this is such a beautiful rhyming breakfast recipe- thank you so much for your contribution

cooking varieties said
A wheaten loaf I will bake
Small shredded cod I will make
Six hard boiled eggs I will slice
Pepper seasoning is just nice
A three layer sandwich now done
For breakfast it is-  o loved ones!

Here’s what dearest blogger friend Lena said:

If you are someone just as lazy as me
Turn on your bread machine and throw away your recipe
Let them do the work so that you dont have to knead like crazy
Don’t believe me, try it and you see!
Wow Lena, that’s fantastic many thanks to you too-

cooking varieties said
Hi lena great idea for all to try
Let the machine do the bread Rye
Very convenient, oh so  very easy
Just press buttons? Oh i see! i see!
Then I prefer to work in the kitchen
Quit my job as a boring accountant!

Babli came and said:

Wonderful, innovative and interesting recipe
Bread looks soft, spongy and yummy
Thanks so much Babli, wow compliments i like
Cooking varieties said
And i like what you said to me
“Baking bread is my specialty”

Lee (Uncle Lee) said on one of the nicest things about life is:

We must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing
And devote our attention to eating
Spectacular (women).. in the act of cooking for her loved ones….
Especially if with a beautiful name of “Wan”
Thanks so much Lee for your response – indeed
Hi Lee!
Wow weee!
Now I know you too love eating
Here, 4u, a bread with lotus seed filling

And here is Sie again, yes I did promise Sie, that  I will post a crab recipe, so that she can cook for her beloved one- her honey “Quiet Angel”. Sie said:

Thank you for this Wan
The fun has just begun
Time now to cook
So give me my book

Clapping my hands
with every word I see
waiting for my crab recipe
I requested with glee :)
Thanks so much Sie for coming back, appreciate your checking for the crab recipe, which is not there yet..ha ha.. I am at my mom’s place for the festive season… will deliver in time ok dear..
cooking varieties said
OMG, about the crab recipe!
I must say, Sie, I’m so very sorry
It’s not published yet for your honey
i feel so bad..weeeee  busy…  weeeee

Quiet Angel, Sie knows how to bake and steam crabs
What recipe then, think, think! can I publish besides that
OK here’s a simple one, for two- “THAI CORRIANDER CRAB”

Heat oil, sauté garlic and 1” young ginger root slices
Add 3 tbsp oyster sauce and 1 tsp sesame oil but no spices
A tbsp of squid sauce, must immerse crab fully with water
Add two large fresh crabs and then be sure to cover

Turn them over, when crab skin has changed color
After 5 minutes, add 10 stalks uncut coriander leaves, stir over
Another 5 minutes, add pepper, you then turn off fire. Serve hot better..
P/S- gimme me sometime, I will publish another, thanks dear, the above is a genuine recipe, which I learnt from a Thai friend 10 years ago.

Here' a reply from beanizer:

crabby Thai recipe for me and my honey
haven’t tasted, yet heard by my tummy
precious treat, thoughtful wan made for us two
crabby don’t cry, cos I don’t want to see you blue
(wide grin :)  )
cooking varieties said
Hi beanizer, you are most welcome
Thai crab sure is awesome
Yay yay
Thanks beanizer, crab no longer blue
Am sure your honey wii be happy too


  1. Wow!,luvd ur rhyming rhythmic cake recipe.Innovative Directions and ingredients added.Luv it

  2. Really cute and cool recipe you have... I love how you presented it! :)

    Lette's Haven

  3. Hmmm...what a tasty rhyming rhythmic recpe..:) I like it!:) Thanks Wan!:)

  4. hehehe..nice one Wan..

    one hour of waiting
    and the clock is ticking
    finally it's done
    my bread is well done.

    so let your bread cool
    to make my tummy full
    don't let me stand here
    and make me drool.

    *give me my share please ;)*

  5. very iteresting recipe with nice poetry

  6. thanks you so much to my kitchen flavors, gillette, sagittarian, sie and santosh for your kind visits and sweet sweet comments.

    @ Sie yay yay, well done dear, you are simply great- love the rhyming

  7. That's quite interesting! I think I should give it a try too. :)

    Spoon and Chopsticks

  8. Wow! I'm amazed by your unique post. Loved the beautiful pictures, poem and rhymes. You could write well, too!

    Let me join in. This is specially for you, Wan.

    Cooking-varieties is a blogspot,
    Its uniqueness always makes me stop,
    Reading the recipes that are so hot,
    I must try them in my cooking pot.

    That's it, Wan. Thanks for sharing other infos in this post. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha! :)

  9. Your blog is truly educative and interesting. I didn't know (by now) how maple tree or mustard plant look. Thanks for that

  10. How clever that the women used poems to remember recipes! I'd never heard that so thank you for finding this and sharing. Your blog is always full of new and interesting things!

  11. My kitchen flavors,Gillette, Sagittarian, Sie, Santosh, Spoon and chopsticks, Balqis, Jasna and Mari Wilbur- Many thanks for the kind visits and sweet comments and have a nice day
    Thank you all for the lovely Rhyming verses, i have published them already...fantastic !

  12. So many interesting facts and nice pictures. Rhythm recipe - never heard of it but it sounds logical.

  13. Lovely pics of the mustard tree and plants. Great to hear of fellow bloggers and their support over your blog, keep going Maznah for more wonderful postings.

  14. @ three cookies, this practice was way back in the 18th ceutry, where a lot of women cant even read or write. when they rhyme it, its easier to remember. thanks for your visit and comments

    @ nava, many thanks nava for your great support and well wishes , glad you visited

  15. Breakfast Dish

    Cut smoothly from a wheaten loaf
    Ten slices, good and true,
    And brown them nicely, o'er the coals,
    As you for toast would do.

    Prepare a pint of thickened milk,
    Some cod-fish shredded small;
    And have on hand six hard-boiled eggs,
    Just right to slice withal.

    Moisten two pieces of the bread,
    And lay them in a dish,
    Upon them slice a hard-boiled egg,
    Then scatter o'er with fish.

    And for a seasoning you will need
    Of pepper just one shake,
    Then spread above the milky juice,
    And this one layer make.

    And thus, five times, bread, fish and egg,
    Or bread and egg and fish,
    Then place one egg upon the top,
    To crown this breakfast dish.

  16. @ anu- thanks for your visit and sweet comment

    @ is (IBG) wow! this is such a beautiful Rhyming recipe.. i guess there is so much fun in this culinary art of rhyming recipes...hey i must learn to do a great one like you too..thanks so much for your visit and the breakfast treat

  17. all these poems really made me chuckle!

    if you are someone just as lazy as me
    turn on your bread machine and throw away your recipe,
    let them do the work so that you dont have to knead like crazy,
    dont believe me, try it and you see!

  18. Awesome post! The rhyming recipe is truly innovative and fun way to cook....

  19. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. Shimla Mirch means Capsicum/Bell pepper.
    Wonderful, innovative and interesting recipe. Bread looks soft, spongy and yummy.

  20. @ Lena- yay yay.. ya, got them published with many thanks, you are great

    @ trick and treats, glad you visited and had fun

    @ babli, thanks s lot for the pleasant comments :)

  21. What a clever way to prepare future brides to be skill in making meal for the family!

  22. hi wan, haha! just read your reply. yes..!! just press the button , it's that easy !! good one, wan!

  23. Hi Wan, one of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.

    And there is nothing more spectacular or appealing on this planet than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking for her loved ones.....
    especially if with a beautiful name of 'Wan'.
    You keep a song in your heart.
    Ps, thank you for the kind mention.

  24. Lovely rhyming recipe..yummmy bread as well,Wan!!

  25. @ Malay Kadazan girl... many thanks for your kind visit and comment.
    my special thanks to you for giving me the 2 photos on giant purple mustard plants. really appreciate your visitors like them too
    have a great week

  26. @ Lena.. thanks again for your kind visit.. glad you like my reply, have a great week..smiles

    @ Julie, thanks a lot julie for visiting, love your comments too.

  27. @ Lee (Uncle Lee) thank you for your visit with your sweet comments .. many thanks also for the beautiful photo of the "maple tree in autumn", ya like you said- "looks like a sunburst" fall beauty before winter sets in.
    have a wonderful day and thanks for the rhyming verses

  28. Having regular blackouts this few days with all the constructions going around my place. So my computer kaput and now relying on the tiny notebook! Real headache, need to come back later..

    Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

  29. The rhyming recipe is very interesting, thanks for sharing it :D. Oh yes, I really want to go to Canada for capturing the colorful maple leaves and enjoying the beautiful natural places there (hear my pray ya Allah, aamiin :D). Btw, your previous post is awesome, it makes me hungry T____T

  30. @ katrina.. thanks for visiting.. happy raya haji to you too

  31. hi tatabonita, you are funny..Btw go try the recipe hahaha.
    am glad you like the fall leaves of autumn and i say they are so beautiful, aaamin.. ya if you go visit Canada,do let me know :)

  32. weeeeeee..I love reading it Wan..*clap clap* :)

    thank you for this Wan
    the fun has just began
    time now to cook
    so give me my book

    Clapping my hands
    with every word I see
    waiting for your crab recipe
    I requested with glee ;)

  33. hi sie, many thanks for your visit and this is such a beautiful rhyming request, ok i published my reply to you now... i wanted to put comment, but quiet angel did not update his post.... so how? i was not proud, but i dont know where to click.. have a nice day sie

  34. Great rhyming bread recipe. I may have to try it. I love homemade bread. :)

  35. shoot...all I know is the "Joy of Cooking" book..

  36. this is so wonderful Wan, a rhyming recipe of was so nice to read and enjoyed other's lines too..lovely recipe and bread looks awesome..

  37. hi lady dragon fly, glad you came by , do try the recipe for the basic ancient bread making :) have a lovely day

  38. hi alfandi, thanks, oh "The Joy of Coking", must be very interesting. thanks for visiting and also for commenting

  39. hi sobha, i am glad you enjoy this post and the rhyming verses from my blogger friends. have a wonderful day.. may be next time you will do a rhyme too :)

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  41. I am glad to read a fellow Sabahan recipe in your blog at last, Maznah. Wish it will be Sabahan recipe next time.

  42. hi sie, i am glad you like to try out the recipe..
    i assure you will enjoy a delicious and healthy crab meal with quiet angel

  43. hi lunaticg, thanks for your visit and inspiring comment.. ok next time i will try get guest blogger from original sabah to post ori sabahan food.

  44. Rhythmic recipes! That is very interesting and creative. I'd love to try and contribute something, but I'm not good with poetry. :)

  45. thanks nashnordin, its ok if you cant do rhymes, glad you visited, thanks

  46. Love the rhyming recipes! Fun stuff. Great post!

  47. Although I'm not really a bread eater, I enjoyed the post and appreciate the fact that there is a rhyming recipe. That's really creative, I've never seen that before. :D lovely!

  48. crabby Thai recipe for me and my honey
    haven't tasted, yet heard by my tummy
    precious treat, thoughtful Wan made for us two
    crabby don't cry, i don't want to see you blue

    *wide grin*

  49. @ Just bYou- hi kim, many thanks for coming over with your sweet comment, hope you have a wonderful day always

  50. @ beanizer- hi, long time no hear from you, heard you like crabs very much -
    special request granted, will publish your beautiful rhyming culinary art on crabby- great!

  51. my "two" is missing there in my doesn't rhyme with blue anymore *sniff sniff*

  52. I love these recipes in rhyme, it just makes the whole idea of cooking a brand new and exciting journey!

    Ps: Your maple tree is beautiful - love the colour.

  53. @ beanizer, will rectify. dont sniff sniff ok :) have a nice day

    @ marie harmony... many thanks for your visit and sweet comments here. have a nice day dear

  54. *rubbing eyes* *blink blink* *smiling*
    seen it, thanks!..and your comments in my 3 blogs! haha! can't really spend enough time doing new posts, hopefully sooner *cross-fingers*

  55. Really very good post .. When you get your blog started don’t forget to post a link to it here, I’d love to subscribe to it!

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