Thursday, July 14, 2011



Rows and rows of trees with yellow blooms-

For me , the idea of a picnic is to meet up with friends, be with nature, away from the crowded eating places that we go through everyday.. this is for  brunch
We picnic, trend on with updates, listen to some music, snap some photos , eat some food and then, we go off  to Metro at The Curve for shopping around Mont Kiara... and finally, here, we have some latte.. Happy Sunday for us- bye till we meet again :)
Petals on the grass by the hundreds of thousands- everywhere
Cheese burger with pistachio, veggies and kiwi fruit

Burger buns

Kiwi fruit slices

Eggplant slices- pan fried
( a form of frying using minimal cooking oil or fat, just enough  to lubricate the pan- cover with a lid, for better heat retention)

Cheddar cheese slices
Salad varieties- like coral and oak leaf salad / endive and iceberg lettuce
Lemon pepper seasoning The health benefits of Pistachios:
Pistachio nuts are one of the healthiest snacks and is cholesterol free . It contains more lutein and beta carotene than most other nuts.
Beta carotene converts into vitamin A which can help prevent certain cancers. 
Lutein is important for healthy skin and for good vision
A handful of pistachios daily can  help destroy the bad cholesterol, shy away heart diseases and prevent certain cancers. 
The health benefits of green vegetables and kiwi fruits are of course, they are rich in vitamin c, anti oxidants and fiber
i got this pistachio image from  :)

3/4 cup roasted pistachios- blend into fine powder, then MIX with

1 tablespoon  vegetable margarine AND

3 tablespoon  mayonnaise- to form a paste

Slice the burger buns, spread with pistachio paste, add on the rest of ingredients, drizzle with lemon pepper seasoning  and  enjoy :)
Spent quite sometime on the artwork of the two burger images, personally i like the results of both 


  1. That's a delicious looking burger, very healthy!
    I'm in love with your pistachio spread, Anything with pistachios can't possibly go wrong :)

  2. Ms.Wan..pistachios are my favorite nuts..for sure I will love your recipe..unusual burger with kiwi fruit but wow looks healthy..yummy :)

  3. eggplant, kiwi and pistachios together sound fabulous!!! :D

  4. Glad to see that you had a wonderful day out. I love the yellow flower tree and I see them wher we live too.

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  5. wow, I simply adore the burger, beautiful color and very healthy, should consider making it.

  6. Those look soooo good! However, I wouldn't want to eat them, because I'd be too afraid of ruining them.

  7. That's an interesting looking burger. It sounds like a healthy alternative to junk food. I should consider trying something similar to this.

  8. innovative colourful burger I haven't had like this

  9. You always "served" us with great recipes! I like eating pistachios. A great idea for burgers.

  10. Very nice food art. Your foodart is realy very great, it give water in mouth. :) . Sorry for late responce dear I was very busy.Very nice food art. Your foodart is realy very great, it give water in mouth. :) . Sorry for late responce dear I was very busy.

  11. Oh my goodness! We will definitely be eating these! We love eggplant and pistachio nuts. I'd never have thought to use the nuts this way. The kiwi must add a real flavor burst. Your digital art is beautiful! Very creative all the way around.

  12. Oops - I hit the post button to soon. I love your other photos too. The trees and petals are beautiful.

  13. McDonald should introduce these fresh ingredients too in their burgers instead of the usual.

    I prefer to get mine from outlets offering those with sprinkled nuts and at times they have thinly sliced pineapples in their burgers too.

    Should taste exciting! something different with pastachios, kiwi and eggplants added.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. wow, this sounds great, what a wonderful combo, so fresh, healthy n lovely idea..

  15. Omg this looks like a wonderful choice for summer meals. Like Katrina said, McDonalds should have a bigger variety when it comes to healthy eating and this burger seems like a really interesting choice.

  16. vegetraian burger with fruits? Never taste that before Maznah. Maybe will asked my wife to make one today.

  17. Looks like a great burger! I love the fruit in there, what a great idea!

  18. I have never had such an amazing combo of eggplant, kiwi and pistachios! Wan, what a new style of burger...I loved it!

  19. Hi first time I'm visiting your blog, Fruits and vegetables great choice, looks healthy...

  20. for all the sweet comments- most appreciated with many thanks to: ambreen, sie, junia, sailor, nava, brian, spoon n chopsticks, createwithmom, balqis, sarang mangi, mari, Katrina, sobha shyam, andreea, lunatic, faith, purabi and sumi.
    I am really glad that you all like the pistachio spread-delicious and healthy. The kiwi fruit really compliments the pistachio and cheese/

  21. wan, i think i want eat pistachios more often to burn the bad cholesterol
    thanks, will try your spread and kiwi

  22. looks like a delicious burger and a fun Sunday, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your yummy blog :)

  23. This is from jennie mortarotti.. my very special friend fron kentucky-
    this at shout mix
    You are so kind. Thank you for your help and your yummy blog
    Great recipes, thanks for nice food ideas
    you've opened a new world of food for me. Thanks

  24. wow..looks like its so delicious...:)

  25. the burger looks fantastic. love the goodness in it. you have so many great recipes. nice blog. happy to follow u :-)

  26. thanks sachi and my new blogger friend amritha- glad you like my blog :)

  27. thats a wonderful new kind a burger.. looks great..

  28. First time here and I am loving this wonderfully creative burger - Kiwis eh? who'd have thought :) Lovely blog and happy to have hopped over :) cheers, priya