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Ooops!!! this is quite  a catchy ancient Chinese proverb- read this:

"Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one." 

On Drinking Tea Alone...(Chinese saying)

"In my own hands I hold a bowl of tea; I see all
of nature represented in its green color.
Closing my eyes I find green mountains and pure water 
within my own heart. 
Silently sitting alone and drinking tea, 
I feel these become part of me."

I am prompted to blog on green tea again- inspired, after knowing that my blogger friend, Lee, cosumes six glasses of green tea daily, consistently, for more than twenty years now.

Name: Long Jing Tea or Lung Ching Tea or  Dragon Well   Tea  (Chinese Green Tea)
Origin : Hangzhou,  Zhejiang Province  China
Longjing is one of China's top 10 teas and is considered the best by those devoted to green tea.
Brand: There are many brands of Dragon well  tea  in the market.


This tea doesn't store very well (green teas are best drunk fresh). Green teas can be stored for 1 year in a dry, air- and light-tight container.

Suggested Usage: Use between one and two teaspoons of leaves per cup of 75-85 degree water (167-185F) for up to 3-5 minutes.

The flat and smooth tea leaves (resembling pine needles with a pale green color) brew a tea with light green color, a subtle fragrant scent, and a refreshing taste.

It is one of China's most celebrated green teas. 


Tea was accidentally discovered by Emperor Shen Nung (aka the Shennong, Yan Emperor or "Emperor of the five grains") over 5,000 years ago, 
when it was found to be an antidote against the poisonous effects of some herbal medicines.

The tea has a long history; more than 1000 years.
It's earliest record may be found in the book named chajing, the first book on tea in the world, written by the Chinese expert of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Lu Yu. 

Knowledge of the tea began to spread and became known all over the country by the times of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties.
Especially in the Qing Dynasty, Longjing tea became very popular. 

One of the most remarkable emperors of the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong, paid four visits to the growing area of Longjing tea, not only to enjoy sipping tea, and to write and sing poems to praise the tea, but also to watch the process of picking and roasting it with serious intent. 

He was so interested in Longjing tea that he named the eighteen tea trees in front of the Hugong Temple "royal tea".

The Chinese government has made a great effort to promote it and introduce advanced technology in planting, picking and roasting of the tea with high quality standards.


The name Longjing is from a small village  in Hangzhou Zhengjiang Province. It is said that residents in ancient times believed that a dragon dwelled there and controlled the rainfall. 

As a result, people went there, whenever there was a drought to pray for rainfall, from as early as the Three Kingdoms Period (221-280).
Longjing tea is grown in the Longjing mountain area of Hangzhou, southwest of the West Lake. 
The fertile land is both rich in phosphorus and sub-acidic sand. 
This region prevents the cold current from the north and holds back the warm current from the south, thus the growing area of Longjing tea can be coated by cloud and mist for long periods of time. 


Grown in the mountainous regions of Lion's Peak of Hangzhou, Zheijiang province.

Like other famous teas (notably Darjeeling), the notion of "flush"
(time of picking)

i.e. spring, summer or autumn) applies to this wonderful tea.

First flush Long Jing, which is picked once a year by hand when the leaves and buds are at their smallest and most fragrant stage, is immediately roasted and has a characteristic shape of leaves folded flat along their length. 

The right time for picking the tea leaves is very short. The period between Qing Ming and Grain Rain (from April 5 to 21) each year is generally considered the prime time to get the highest quality Longjing tea.
This is a premium tea and highly prized as such in China. 
It is difficult to find in export as it's mostly consumed by the local market and it isn't cheap.
Long Jing is very delicate and fresh tasting, has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and a lasting buttery finish.


Longjing tea aids one's health in many ways regardless of your age.

It is used to deter food poisoning, refresh the body, stop cavities, fight viruses, control high blood pressure, lower the blood sugar level, and to prevent certain cancers. 

Hence, Longjing tea is regarded as the elixir for health and is widely sold and accepted all over the world.

A more detailed health benefits list, strictly  based on research, will be publish in my future posting.


The brewing method we highly recommended is to put a pinch of dry, roasted tea leaves into a porcelain or transparent glass cup and pour hot water at about 85C into the cup. 

Sip and enjoy!


Longjng tea is famous both because of its good quality, as well as its historical and cultural values. 
The chinese have their way on tea ceremony.

When having visitors or entertaining guests, make sure the spout of the teapot is not facing anyone. It is impolite to set the teapot down where the spout is facing towards somebody. 

The spout should always be directed to where nobody is sitting, usually just outward from the table.


The Legend about the Shape of Dragon Well Tea
The present-day flat shape of Dragon Well Tea is said to have something to do with Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. Legend has it that on one of his inspection tours to Hangzhou...

Emperor Qianlong disguised himself as an ordinary man and came to the Hugong Temple at the foot of Shifeng Mountain near Dragon Well Village. An old monk served him some Dragon Well Tea of the West Lake. 
 This is just a legend. The flat shape of Dragon Well tea is generally believed to be influenced by Dafang tea of neighboring Anhui area in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. 


  1. Green tea is certainly a healthy drink, whether hot or chilled. Great tips and I need to follow some of it as shared Maznah. Having said that, I will not compromise our tea tarik, of course with less sugar.

    1. hi nava- no compromise, sure sure, hey, no sugar.. just drink by itself. ha ha

  2. Hi Wan, love this posting.
    Very interesting to learn about this particular tea, one of my favourites. I also drink Japanese green tea or Sen Cha. Outstanding posting, and love your presentation.

    Yes, my wife and I have been drinking Chinese green tea past 30 years actually....without fail, especially after lunch and dinner. Drinking this tea helps take away the oil we digest which is the cause of our weight and cholesterol problems.

    She is in her 60s, still maintains her very attractive looks and can still wear the same cheong sum the night I asked her to be my life partner, 3 decades ago.
    My SIL is in her early 70s and a devotee of Chinese green tea....and still have young men, me too, admiring her flawless beauty and figure. Her secret? Drinking Chinese green tea.
    Both of them can't spell 'dieting', as never done it before.

    Yes Wan, drink Chinese green tea for and to your good health....2, 3 cups a days or more refreshes, as well helps you relax.....and stay healthy.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

    1. hi Lee, thank you so much on you comments here about green tea. hope my readers benefit a lot from this.. i am more excited to drink longjin green tea.
      i heard so much about its anti oxidant and anti cancer properties. guess we need the proper way to prepare and consume this- in order to maximize its benefits.

  3. Loved the Chinese saying about drinking tea,great post,thanks for sharing so much information and health benefits,have a great day!

  4. I am so addicted to green tea flavoured food. Of course love to drink green tea too. My husband trick me once when I was pregnant with my first while we were shopping in Jusco. His instinct was that I probably be asking for some ice cream when we going to walk near to baskin robbins. Before I noticed the baskin robbin ahead, he asked me how about some green tea sundae from the chinese tea specialist we just pass now. I agreed and clever was he because he only need to spend RM2 instead a much bigger amount for baskin robbins. By the time we reached baskin robbins I was already full with green tea sundae that I realised he already anticipate his wallet was in danger.

    1. hi diana, i like it warm , no sugar. whats your favorite brand. have a nice day

  5. Such a beneficial and wonderful drink! Thanks for sharing Wan!

    1. you are welcome, thanks for dropping by dear.

  6. wonderful post, nice to learn so many things about tea..i love green tea :)

    1. hi sobha, glad to know that you a green tea regular

  7. I am familiar how important tea drinking with chinese people is. We have a couple of Japanese and chinese friends who made us drink typical green teas and now we also love it.

    1. hi balvinder, wow you sure eat and drink healthy

  8. Hi Wan! I love the drinking tea alone saying... sounds so peaceful imagining myself drinking that alone..ah!

    1. hi rina person., you sound like a poetic kind of person. ha ha

  9. I love green tea, i got that habit of drinking green tea when I was in Japan. Nice article as usual.

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  11. Thank you for sharing this information.

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  12. Nice snaps dear. We consume green tea a lot.

    1. hi zareena, you sure find green tea a very healthy drink

  13. Hi Ms Wan, that was such a nice and informative post. We love green tea, I make it flavored sometime. Will have to check out the long jing green tea next time

    1. thanks prathiba.. what brand do you use. have a nice day

  14. Another great read! Thanks for posting such useful info :)

    1. thanks rosh.. i was just about to visit you..what a coincidence! have a nice day

  15. That Chinese saying sounds great. Beautiful right up! Thanks Wan for sharing all the information about green tea!

  16. green tea is my hubby's all time fav...
    thanks for sharing the great info..:)
    Tasty Appetite

    1. hi jay- what about you, dont you drink green tea too

  17. The historical fact is very interesting. I like green tea. But, my favorite kind of tea is definitely pulled tea (teh tarik) :D

    1. hi nash, first time hear the word " pulled tea" ha ha. looking forward to your original burger series.

  18. Informative post about green tea, thanks for sharing dear.

    1. hi hema, you are welcome, have a nice day

  19. as always this is a very informative and of course well researched post. I love reading your posts. i do not think the green tea lying in my kitchen meets these high standards but I will drink it from tomorrow in just water, no lime, no sugar. Thanks.
    I am hosting WTML All through August’12. Do send me your entries

    1. hi archana.. yes dear, best you drink green tea as it is, without any other ingredients added... to ensure quality and non interference on its health benefits.

  20. We have a "Green Tea Restaurant" few doors away from my shop, serves delicious all vegetarian food and green tea comes free with the meal.

    One can order their special green teas (serve in those cute teapots), I wonder if they have the above variety - next visit sure will enquire!

    Happy Ramadan

    1. hi katrina, typical of you- always exploring for good food and healthy diet. why not drink a few glasses daily.. the long term benefits are fantastic.

    2. Hmmmm HRaya is getting near, really miss Rendang Rembau, the dark dry variety using buffalo meat! Plseeee get some tips from yr mum? In KL so difficult to find these days..

      Tried cooking it 3yrs ago but the taste is not umph! I am sure there are certain ingredients not included...

  21. Hello,very informative and i can say i have been drinking green tea without miss everyday since 2008 during my treatment of the BIG C. Green Tea have definately assisted in my recuperating quickly from my CHEMO AND RADITION treatment,and i have continued with it. Great 1st visit to your blog introduced by good friend Lee and keep up the good work,!!!!SYABAS!!! FR. UNCLE AL.

    1. Hi AL, what a wonderful surprise- this is most unexpected. Anyway, so glad you came by and
      many thanks for your sweet comment and sharing your experiences with me and my readers.
      Syukran, you have fully recovered and in good health.. amazing green tea. have a nice day

  22. JazakAllah for visiting and leaving some kind words..

  23. Excellent post! thanks so much for this info!

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