Sunday, June 12, 2011



Hi Heart, this is such a wonderful surprise from South Africa. Congrats to you too for getting the special ‘SUNSHINE AWARD’ from @ Kate As Of Late
Many thanks for remembering me with your kind thoughts, which you have manifested through this award. I love daisies. I have always liked your beautiful saying- “The fire in my Eyes” and I wish you a million success.
Here‘s HEART’s link:

The fire in my Eyes- HEART is currently pursuing her BA in Fine Arts and I wish her all the very best in her studies. I first knew her as a blogger on poetry recitals. Later. she started writing on life’s issues. We made occasional visits to each others blogs and I believe that from now on, we will become even closer cyber friends and friends in the virtual world.

I am Wan Maznah from Malaysia and I write cookbooks since last year, hence why I started a foodie blog. With this, I can simply conclude that other hobbies have faded along the way, due to time constraint. I like and admire artsy stuff like food art, craftwork, photography, nature, flowers and anything cultured, like live orchestra and theater performances.

Above all, I love the unique and very adorable Fireflies (Luciferase, Luciferin, Lightning bugs) which are now well hidden far in the remote forests, away from destruction by human..I miss them so much. They used to come and visit me, the last one came alone about 4 years ago and died in my room.          flckr             
Heart, like the sunshine that brightens up our days and our
The Fireflies however, brightens up my hours of darkness…

Wish I can give out more, but the rule says10 names. Here is my list of ten (in no particular order), whom I would like to share this inspirational “SUNSHINE AWARD”. Best of luck to all of you….

This Award is for the following URL

1. Ana Luiza (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

2. Katty (Malaysia)                           

3. Syed Alfandi  (Malaysia)             

4. Shohel Rana (Bangladesh)

5. Balqis (Malaysia) Part and Parcel of Life

6. Nava-K (Malaysia)

7. Mehjabeen Arif (USA) Food corner

8. Rawiyah (South Africa)

9.  Nashnordin (Malaysia)       

10. umm  mymoonah (USA)        

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO HEART:   The fire in my Eyes

However, this award comes with a few rules, they are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them
2. Tell us something about yourself.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
4. Let them know you awarded them !


  1. Congratulatios on your well deserved award!

  2. Congrats on ur Awards.. and Thank you so much for passing them to me.. it is such an honor.. This is definitely a new awards to me.. and I love daisies too.. Have a good day..

  3. Good Morning and salaam to all :)

    The sunshine award made its way around the world, from South Africa to Malaysia and back! Thank you for sharing this award and spreading the sunshine online. Congratulations to all the other bloggers, whose blogs i hope to check out really soon.

    As for the guest blog, Thursday is the day that my university will remove its shackles from my feet and give be a break. I will do it then (I already have an idea for it)

    Have a beautiful day everyone!

  4. thanks again but need your advise on how to link and I really don't have much bloggers I know to pass this award.

  5. Hi! I'm truly glad to have your congrats & received it with full-hearted joy. Wish you long life & happy blogging.:)

  6. Thank you Maznah! I just woke up and found your comment. I think I'll have a nice week!
    Congrats you too.

  7. That's so sweet Wan (can I call you that instead of cookingvarieties?;) thank you for saying such nice things about me! I'm honoured:)

    You really do have a great, unique blog. I always learn something new when I visit and I'm proud to cross the border of South Africa through the internet to 'visit' your blog in Malaysia.

    *Thanks for keeping the sunshine going*
    Have a great day!

  8. Heartiest congratulations to you for receiving the award which you deserve. Thanks a lot for passing it on to me. It really means a lot! I hope my days will always be full of sunshines.

    Congrats to the rest of the recipients. :)

  9. Congratulations and thank you for including me in and sharing this beautiful flower.

    You touched on fireflies and at the very moment, those beautiful memories of my days living in a rubber plantations flashed so clearly in my mind.

    Our old colonial bungalow (Kedah) was surrounded with rubber trees, nights will normally be very very dark, except for the moonlight. However from a distance we will be able to see Flickering lights coming from thousands of fireflies.

    The wonders of mother nature..

  10. hi all, many thanks for your visits and congrats for the awards, have a great day :)

  11. hi everybody, congrats for getting the sunshine award

  12. from balqis:
    This simple piece is specially dedicated to Wan Maznah. From balqis,

    The sunshine you pass to me,
    Gives me the warmth I need,
    It brightens up my days,
    And shines through my blog.
    Let's give others the sunshine,
    Let this world be full of it,
    A sunshine for you and one for me

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