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Cindyrina’s heart throb- she found Forbidden love in Beijing- his food menu is cute

My heart is with Toronto’s autumn leaves- a magnificent beauty of the maple trees that produce maple syrup for us.
Nature’s gifts for all of us, the stunningly beautiful maple trees in autumn.. about a week’s time, the leaves will fall- ready for mesmerizing! I must have this image published before fall is done.
My very special thank you to Lee, for his kind thoughts in sharing this magnificent beauty with all of us… have a wonderful day always Lee. 
The yellow leaves maple tree was published just before this post. The maple trees autumn leaves are very striking, especially when the tree trunk and branches are of deep black color.

My very special Guest blogger for this post is Cindyrina or Rina from Malaysia. A very special thank you to you Rina, for your willingness to do this guest post for me. You have always made me laugh a lot when reading some of your blog posts ha ha. Do visit Rina at:

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty (14 & 10 emperors). It is located in the middle of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum.
For almost 500 years, it served as the home of 24 emperors and their households, as well as the ceremonial and political center of the Chinese government.
The Forbidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987 and is listed by UNESCO  as The imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasty and also listed as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.
“The Forbidden City" referred to the fact that no-one could enter or leave the palace without the emperor's permission - wiki extracts.
Let’s read more from Rina..
A Forbidden love, found in the Forbidden city.

Thank you Wan for giving me this opportunity!
Glad to know you Wan in this Cyber world… 
I am a Management Consultant by profession for almost 3 years now. I tell lead companies who are interested to change from the traditional ways of managing business into a modern and dynamic management approach. I hired many people and fired many too!
Yeah! My profession sounds boring and too serious.
When you visit my blog ( , I don’t even sound like one of those serious professional but more towards a crazy and lunatic person hahahaha… Yeah! That’s me for sure… 
I love travelling to other countries alone, to explore different cultures and experience others lifestyle.

Recently in September, I went to Beijing. Apart from experiencing others lifestyle and culture I also wish I could find love in another country. Most of my ground travel and exploration in Beijing  were self prepared- mostly using MRT and walking.
For  the Great Wall of China exploration, I hired a  local English speaking travel agency for a day. My tour group was joined by tourists from other countries, consisted of one couple from USA, one family from France ( husband and wife and their 7 years old son), Belgium man, French lady and me from Malaysia. 
I am not naturally good with kids and never interested with kids at all. Basically I am an ice queen when it comes to kids. 
There you go- a seven year old French boy, totally madly deeply in love with me.

He followed me around and always tried to look for me when I am far behind from the group. Even his dad and mummy were worried about him. His Dad kept telling everyone in the group that his boy is falling for me deeply. He refused to stand or walk by his dad or mummy’s side.
 He tagged along with me and as usual I just ignored and totally with my ice queen snobbish act. Sometimes I will just give him my cold smile. 
Of course deep inside my heart, I felt touched with his cute and adorable smile. He even snapped many of my photos with his dad’s   iphone and his mum’s camera, during lunch where he sat across my table eating his white rice with just ketchup! Huh! Rice with ketchup ????
My wish came true!
I found love in Beijing.
But my! l dream love….
7 year old boy…totally sinful for that huge gap!!!
Mum & Dad need to hold his hand most of the time 
Enjoy my young lover snapshot from behind…..never thought of taking many of his photos because most of the time I was so embarrassed, because that small boy was totally into me and kept staring at me…Goshhhh!!!!! 
What- with me???? 
There you go- Dad need to hold Alan’s hand to go down the stairs at Underground Castle 
Dad still holding Alan’s hand…mmmmm Alan can’t climb further due to his minor age and lack of strength.. ha ha ha
cooking varieties said: HI ALAN-  FORBIDDEN CUTIE PIE !
He kept holding his Dad ‘s Iphone and snap my photos…… from behind seat..

He left his parents, just to be with me by sitting opposite me and start his paparazzi style of photography….  ha ha ha
He said nothing else but did introduce himself as Alan to me with his thick French accent during our first stop…
When I said my name is Rina his pronunciation make me startled…. 
Huh Ghino????
 Ah!!! That is so wrong my dear Alan!!!!   Nevertheless, sooooo romantic.....
Best of the day is he ate ricewith just ketchup and nothing else….huh???
And his Dad did mentioned Alan’s  favourite is Hamburger!!!!
But Alan ate rice for Ghino's sake- how romantika......

Dad totally told me Alan is too young to fall in love and I totally got it Dad!!!…..

cooking varieties said:  
OUCH  Rina! I think you did not visualize specific enough on your potential love finding.  In your prayer, you should have spelt the age group you wanted to meet.. I know you did mention “cute’ you did not say handsome or charming - ish issh  ishh…  see what you got-   he is so cute with that cheeky twitch on his mouth, yay , adorable, expensive smile eh! Your prayers answered with perfection ha ha ha.
Great lesson learnt: When you want to ask from God to meet you up with your true love, be specific, ask properly ok.. .don’t be shy to quote the “age group” and never blunder and use the word “cute” again.  ha ha ha – disasterous..
So The Forbidden city of Beijing turned out to be The Forbidden Love city for Rina Ghino and Alan boy.
When Alan got startled and said Huh ! Ghino? Wow, what kind of feeling/ emotion  was he expressing huh? I wonder, wonder-  I wish I am good at analyzing for you Rina. Anyone, help us here please…. I am so curious and I cannot get curious, I will die standing..

 A consolation for you Rina is that, he is the one broken hearted, not you- luckily… ha ha ha, my stomach muscles ache so bad these days, due to so much laughter everywhere. Ouch !

Yes, at first  I thought  your recipe is gonna be an exotic chicken burger with “blue color fries” at the side and one scarlet  red apple (as in adam’s or steve job’s  apple)- yum yum.. Alan’s meal together gather with you..
 OUCH !  Tomato ketchup over White rice! Hey, this is even more romantic- a scarlet and white series.. like a shadow (untouchable) .. Forbidden Love… Ghino, romantika-  I wish you the best of luck next time… skip the French people and blue French fries ok.. Skip Beijing too. 
Go to the Bahamas instead.
Here Rina, this image is for you, I did a digital art on one of my foodie photos- tomato ketchup and rice, hope you like it for keeps . ha ha ha

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see you there ok


  1. Very funny and unusual. Sure the boy is too young but he will eventually grow older, Rina can wait till he reaches the legal age:)

  2. Great guest post.I couldn't take my eyes of the fantastic colours of teh mapple tree;)

  3. history unfolds..I am half Chinese Wan and I want to go there..yes I will with quiet angel so on goes the trail of love in Beijing but I don't want ketchup on rice..I only have it as a dip on fries..passing by Wan..thank you for the info. on the maple tree aha so that's where they get maple syrup for my kids hotcake hehehe..I'll show them ;)


  5. Very interesting and lovely reading the romance!!

  6. Very interesting and entertaining post. I enjoyed reading this. I wish I could travel to other countries too :)

  7. What a sweet story! If he ever finds you and you marry....he can take care of you in your old age!

    I dunno about the rice and ketchup, tho!

  8. Phew!!!! Wan... got it got it.. I will not beat around the bush with God anymore. I will visualise my dream prince charming clearly to get him right!... wait until her grow up!!!! ouch!!! me expire even before he got cook up! hahahaha Thank you Wan!

  9. This is so lovely Wan! And the love story behind it! Cute little boy!:) And the place, how I love it there too, ..:) Sie, I will come with you ok???? thanks Wan! love this one!

  10. @ Three cookies..ha ha ha you are such a sport.. very compassionate to both gender : thanks for the visit:)

    @ dzoli- thanks dzoli, am not surprised you appreciate the autumn leaves cos you r great on on gardening

    @ Sie- thanks dear, hope you n Quiet angel get to go to Beijing, when you get there remember tomato ketchup n rina n alan :) n me..

  11. @ Santosh, thanks for your visit. am glad you agree that maple tree as beautiful and rina's story entertaining.

    @ Julie- ha ha julie, you like romantic novels then, thanks for your visit dear

    @ nashnordin- wow thanks, you can go for holiday with rina for holiday and find another alan ha ha ha

  12. @ Ann- u dunno bout ketchup :)- that;s why i posted it here..oh thanks for your visit and great comment ha haha. bet you are busy with your thanks giving gourmet treat-

    @ saggittarian- o my, you wanna go beijing too? i know what you both will be up to, if you go beijing together... yay Shopping! i would! :)

  13. @ cindyrina, phew! what the heck! prayer round the bush style?...ha ha ha That's very stylish- so you get what you deserve.
    anyway i wish to thanks you again for the very entertaining post, just love it, that i decided to add my comments in the post as well
    i wish you better luck in the future- hope Mr Right Right is just around the corner (in which country huh?) take care

  14. What a hilarious post!:) You certainly don't sound that serious to me ;)
    No worries about Mr. Right, He will come along at the right time ;)
    In the meantime, stay away from the 7-year old...LOL:P

  15. Yes, it's very interesting. Thanks Wan!

    ♥Love from Antalya, Turkey♥

  16. I have not been to the forbidden city but my hubby had shared so much of trilling and amazing stories on this place which he has visited in fact 3 times.

    Hoping I can do it some time in the future and those are so lovely pics attached.

  17. Terima kasih kerana melawat dan bagi komen anda. Saya melawat blog dan mengulas mengenai jawatan kira-kira Teh Wangi Melur. :)

  18. Christy : Thank you! I definately keep away from 7 years old boy.Don't want to be behind bar hehehe

    My kitchen : Thank you for liking it!

    Nava : Too huge! It took me one whole day to complete my tour at Forbidden City.

  19. @ christy- hi and many thanks for your visit, glad to know you and your sweet comments on rina's post

    @ my kitchen flavors- i know you also like some humor.thanks for the visit and take care

    @ IBG- glad you came and thanks for liking this post. have a nice day

  20. @ IBG Thanks and thanks again in malay language "terima kaseh" means "thank you".
    appreciate your effort using google translate isa.

    if my blgger friends of your age sees your face, they sure go to antalya next week..ha ha ha
    what happened, why did you hide your face this funny. have a great weekend.

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  28. Hi Wan, thank you for the mention.
    Great posting. I enjoyed going thru your as usual eloquent thoughts and cooking varieties.

    Incidentally, that tree is no more the flaming red as in pic, almost bare as we had strong winds and rain last night.
    Just nature doing its work, telling the tree to go sleep, as snow will be coming soon.
    It is 3'c now, cool.
    You have a pleasant weekend. And keep a song in your heart.

  29. @ IBG ok clear. i wish for you long life haha

    @ yummy chunklet. i am an ardent follower of your blog too. thanks for visiting Jasna

    @ create with mom. glad you came by, many thanks for that and your sweet comment. have a great weekend

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  33. hi lee, thanks so much for your comments on the autumn leaves.. the trees hibernating/ sleeping soon- must be yet another beauty
    thanks again for visiting- its very much appreciated. glad you enjoyed my post- have a wonderful weekend

  34. @ kalyan, raksha and peachkins- appreciate your visits very much with many thanks and for those sweet comments too. have a great weekend to all and take care

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  36. LOL..It's so funny especially when it kinda gave a fright to Rina being mentioned as "Ghino". Nice post! We need laughter. :)

  37. Really interesting post....& oh I found a new recipe.May be it is the coolest recipe I found so far.WHITE RICE with KETCHUP!!!ha,isnt it too good when we are in hunger & tired... :)Alex is too cute...

  38. @ balqis- happy sunday to you- picnic by the sea today? i think "ghino" in a deep husky voice would sound romantic, perhaps in deep french accent it sounds cute :)

    @ amy- yes, i have got the coolest recipe in cyber, i believe google search engine will pick that up and give it special listing :)

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    Anything is possible! haha

    Demi Moore was 42 and Ashton Kutcher was 27 when they married.

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  42. i have commented at 3 different blogs...
    you may want to check.
    and i have added 2 new lines at the crabby's
    hey sie...why funny..

  43. hi katrina thanks for the visit,this case different - AK was 27 then and this one 7 yrs old minor.... forbidden heh heh

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  48. i think rina had found her love..well maybe not in a romantic way but still a warm friendship love..not bad, huh? actually that rice and ketchup meal reminds me of my dog..LOL! whenever my dog reused to eat her pet food, i will add in some ketchup for her!

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