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I  am in a relaxing mood- need to clear my mind off cooking sometimes.... I  can go for a hypnotic mood tho'. Do not think of anything else, except just watch what is in front of my eyes in cyber here...

Hey presto!  I would like to share this dance with you.... a post from my dearest world class guest blogger friend, Ana Luiza of Brazil. Do visit her at    http://hellaheaven-ana.blogspot.com/

Ana, four things in common between us is that, we both like blogging and COFFEE!! Your brazilian is simply fantastic..
Third, i like the Quebebe classico you taught me , as my guest earlier
Next, we both like the hypnotic dance below  :) yay yay !!!
When i first saw this post in Ana's blog last July, i fell in love with it ever since.

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Thank you for the visit

The above profile was from the earlier guest post done by Ana.


ANA said: "You do something to me, something that simply mystifies me"
FROM THE LAND OF FAMOUS SPICES- indian cultural dances

Bharata Natyam is considered to be a 'fire dance’ resembling the movements of a dancing flame — the mystic manifestation of the metaphysical element of fire in the human body. It is one of the five major styles that includes Odissii (water), Mohiniattam (air), Kuchipudi (earth) and Kathakali (sky).
Most ancient sculptures in Hindu temples are based on “dance postures” - depicting celestial dancers, known on earth as Bharata Natyam, a classical dance from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu
from cooking varieties food art collection
The Odissii ((Orissi) is an Indian classical dance from the Eastern state of Odissa (Orissa).
Odissii is the oldest surviving dance form in India- is characterized by various Bhangas (Stance), which involves stamping of the foot and striking various postures as seen in Indian sculptures.

Maharis were  temple dancers of Orissa. Odissii dance, a  technique of unequal division of weight and firm footwork balancing a fluid upper torso, where the dancer achieves a sensuality that is uncommon in other classical dance styles.
Odissi music has codified grammars and lyrical in its movement, expressing love for the divine. The pace of singing in Odissi is in between, maintaining a very soothing proportional tempo.
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  1. Visual treat??Perfect for relaxation..njoyed watching!!

  2. Cooking mood, dancing mood, there is really no difference because they're both design for one common purpose, a good mood.

    That is the true hypnotic state.

  3. Dacers do something to me something that simply mystifies me. :) Thanks for sharing, Wan!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing us your other way to relax, dancing! Wish I can dance like hypnotic dancers too!:) Thanks too Ana Luiza:) Wonderful day Wan!:)

  5. Great idea; we all need to rest from our daily responsibilities (time to time). Thanks for the dancers ;-)

  6. Hi Wan, wow! Really beautiful. Almost similar to those by Balinese dancers.
    Me, I love the Hawaiian hula hula, ha ha.
    Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.

    Have a nice day wan, and keep a song in your heart.

  7. That picture has something in it. I constantly watch it for some time. Feeling good when looking at it.

  8. Whoa, those dance moves are pretty hypnotic!

  9. @ Grey- thanks for the comment and have a nice day

    @ IBG- thanks for your visit and comment. Antalyna ta night is beautiful. have a nice day

  10. Traditional graceful dancing where every finger, hand, neck, eyes, belly movements will relay individual message, plus their music are really fantastic.

    The Makyong dance practiced since 800yrs ago was banned by Kelantan Govt, 20yrs now, due to its animist elements and worshipping, which are deemed contrary to the teachings of Islam!

  11. @ sagittarian
    @ Jasna
    Many thanks to both of you for visiting and comments. I am so glad Ana Luiza is willing to post this here.
    The unique part, perhaps the most hypnotic of this image is that, at every 1 second pause, you can see the black and white both look the same, in the shape of dancers, no holes/ spaces in between, guess that is what is most hypnotic to watch

  12. @ uma

    @ peachkins

    many thanks for coming over with sweet comments.
    do come again when you feel you want some relaxation teraphy. have a wonderful day

  13. HI Lee, it is true that this looks like Bali dance- sure does because Bali is the hindu culture of the Nusantara

    This image is unique at the "every 1 second pause", you can see the black and white figures both looking the same, in the shape of dancers, no holes/ spaces in between, guess that is what is most hypnotic to watch.

  14. Hi Katrina, thanks for the sweet comments,I know you like fine arts and things cultured. I always like to see Live cultural shows, at the theaters, be they Malays, hindus, chinese, thai or even Japanese ( especially the kabuki).

    The very graceful and cultured “makyong dance”, which is famous in kelantan, was banned, because there is the element of mantra and spirits worship( the act of being in a trance)which is un-islamic
    and for the fact that the “makyong” were performed by muslim dancers..they burn incense etc. are of spiritual contradictions.
    have a wonderful day

  15. Maznah,
    I'm having coffee and guess what? Today is Quibebe day with meat.
    O dear, thank you very much for this. I'm happy people like this image the way I do.
    Thanks for making me see that I was not hallucinating when said that the dancers looked hypnotic. hehe

  16. Hi AnaLuiza, wow! am so glad you came over today, many thanks for that and do feel free to put in as many comments as you wish to respond here, you are my guest.. Brazillian coffee and your quebebe must be delicious with added meat flavor.

    All my blogger friends here like this unique post and got that hypnotic feel too…to a point, that they don’t mind I don’t post any recipes ha ha ha. Have a wonderful day

  17. A beautiful dance with nice movements. Would be good to dance like this after a hard day's work. Can get rid of stress and keep the body fit. Thank you for sharing. :)

  18. I am truly amazed to see an article on classical dance....I too am a classically trained kathak dancer ...so i do hav a soft corner for all performing arts...;-)

  19. hi Balqis, i also want to learn this Bharat Natyam movement from here and also look at myself in the mirror... great form of exercise, it also makes your body flexible, sexy and not stiff..
    ok balqis, new resolution, thanks for coming by with sweet comments. have a nice day

  20. Oh waoooo...you are in a great mood :) I like this image,very interesting!
    All the best sweet Maznah :)

  21. @ only fish recipes-
    how i wish i know your name :)
    wow, what a wonderful surprise, never expect a classical dancer to come over today-
    many thanks for your visit and you are well trained, yeah i envy your dancing ability, cos indian classical dance needs a lot of precise body movements and sync - very soft and flexible

    The odissii dance is also in the film kamasutra.

    I only knew kathak is one of the 8 classicals, originated from Uttar Pradesh, a story telling kind of dance with a tempo from slow to fast..
    have a wonderful day

  22. I can dance like them..Wan can you be my guide? hehehe..look my eye balls are going on circles ohhhhh no..dizzy dizzy sie..was just passing by now I'm dizzy got to go now..bye bye.. ;0

  23. great sharing for a change Maznah, though I know some info on the different types of dances, there's more details here and good infor.

  24. Salams!! =)
    Very interesting lol. That picture is really hypnotizing hehehe. =D

  25. a perfect post for relaxation, great info..

  26. What a terrific guest post! I really like Ana Luizas profile introduction! Thanks for sharing the hypnotic dancers - very nice! Have a GREAT day!

  27. I was amazed. It came true As I thought about your new post. Good to hear that you are in spirits mood. :) Nice of the dancing pic. In ancient times when there was no India and Pakistan that whole area was called Sindh and that dance was common in those times. Today I am also in a good mood you will see a new post soon.

  28. hi Maznah
    really fabulous post and moreover it is about indian dancers i apperciate ur interest and hobbies for other communities vedio is fantastici also want to be ur guest in ur blog if any thing u like though my writeup is not so good

  29. Wonderful, interesting and informative post. I liked the picture of hypnotic dancer. Brilliant post.

  30. very interesting article..love your writeup and hypnotising dance pic..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  31. @ Hi sie, eeeikk hypnotized till giddy?, ok you need to do the dance to offset the hypnotism- Quiet angel can teach you? Nay… he is too quiet and mum.. and under your hyp...ha ha

  32. @ hi nava, thanks for your visit and I’m happy that you like my write up. Have a nice day

    @ sobha –hi and welcome over, many thalks for your comment, I know you will like the dance, do come again

  33. @ Dana- salam and thanks for visitin with sweet comment. Have a great day. I like your fashion blog. have a nice day

    @ Ann- Thanks dear for coming over, I am glad you like the hypnotic dancers-unique huh-great job by anaLuiza. Do visit her. Anyway your nice looking kitchen is cool- also not cooking today huh. happy thanksgiving

  34. @ sarang mangi- hey, I didn’t know that sindh covered india and Pakistan before.. oh, I was not a history major.. will visit you when there is new input. You have sixth sense.. ha ha

    @ Jay- thanks Jay, am glad you came and like the write up and anaLuiza’s hypnotic post. Have a nice day to you

  35. Love that fire dance! Thank you for sharing some fun stuff with us.

  36. @ Babli, hi dear, thanks for visiting and for your sweet comments..Yes this is a brilliant post, so is anaLuiza, my guest blogger for this post

    You observe when the dancers pause for one second, you see -the black and white colored dancers are joined-no empty space in between them- amazing!and an intelligent sketch and choreography!

  37. @ santosh, hi dear, i am glad you came and like this post..oh yes i would be glad to have you do guest post for me- most welcome.
    i will send you an email now. have a nice day

  38. @ creative mind- glad you came and like this post by anaLuiza, my special guest. have a wonderful day

  39. @ Angie's recipes- thanks for your visit, it does resembles the fire dance classical "bharatha natyam". yes it is fun and have a nice day

  40. Thanks to Ana and you for posting this fantastic post! So captivating dance...

  41. @ treat and tricks, nice of you to come over with sweet comments for ana and me...many thanks for that. have a nice day

  42. that's a very nice dance picture! good exercise for the bums and waist. Let me see if i can do this in front of the mirror now..haha!

  43. Wow,your post was absolutely fascinating. I love dancing and I really enjoyed this new piece of information.

  44. happy u shared our tamilnadu traditional dance bharathanatyam...even i ve learnt and its really an amazing dance....

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