Friday, November 25, 2011


THIS IS MY NUMBER 100 POST after blogging for 14 months..
This Post is more like the “ WORDLESS WEDNESDAY’S” approach... briefly
COURTEOUS asian style, CAMERA SHY- my image was covered with 7 layers to hide the 7 deadly sins in  life. Ha ha , means I have a great sense of humor.

I AM AN ARDENT FOODIE BLOGGER. Lobster is one of my favorites, so is the versatile sago and healthy seaweed and agar. Plus many more.

This is one of my personal best, taken in the kitchen, with normal lightings, using my Nikon, but as an amateur of course. If you zoom that further, the image does not break up and will still be just as sharp. Then the food will look tempting for the taste buds.

Those who do not care about taking sharp photos, but on the other hand, are so mighty concerned that images should not have shadows etc (when in reality, shadows do exist!) , are just tweets, talking through their nose. 


I very much like " live" Theater Performing Arts,
especially in classical/ cultural dances and 
on orchestra performances.

Photo of a “malay  sumatera lady” 
in traditional costume 
of the Nusantara..

Today, Nusantara is Indonesia. The old Nusantara is Indonesia, Malaysia, part of The Philippines and South Thailand

This image is from my other blog- CV Nusantara..

I like this scenery, so i archive it here
One of my favorite fresh fruit juice recipe. You can read this at my older / (earlier 15) post link:

I promised that I will publish any food jokes posted in my comment box, here’s two of them:

Katrina joked: It is so difficult to put my weight under control. Therefore as from now, I  will use dish-washing liquid for showering. 
 “Dissolves fat that is otherwise so difficult to remove.”    
 Ha ha ha, many thanks  Katrina, I have never seen that one before. Do check her link at my side bar-

Lee said: Anyone who thinks that the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach, must have flunked geography… link at my side bar too…
This is funny Lee, but now I know the other meaning of the word geography ha ha ha.. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
I hope you find my 100Th  post a progressive one.
A word from my fb friend  Ash Daud:
Thought of the day - I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people-
And I said:
Tip of the day- When you want to make sure you stick to your own opinion, and not get influenced by others to change it, then talk to yourself ONLY..

They said- Do not tell anyone you are on diet, they may not buy you lunch ever again :) 


  1. Heartiest Congratulations, Wan, on your 100th post! Again, we are presented with a beautiful and interesting post. I like your sense of humor cos I'm a person with a good sense of humor, too! :)

    Your blog have progressed well in the 14 months. It is one of a kind foodie blog. You always have very interesting recipes to share which are presented with well-photographed pictures. I feel like eaing the food straight away from this blog! So tempting!

    Looking forward to reading more great recipes; local and also from across the globe. You have made it possible! Wishing you the best! :)

  2. First of all, congrats on your 100th post, that’s a big deal! The 100th post is always a milestone.

    Secondly, you are an amazing young woman. Your determination and delight for cooking is such a joy for the novice as well as those who have been at this cooking thing for a long time!

    Last but not least, As I always say, “YOU ARE THE BEST, DON'T CARE ABOUT THE REST!"

    Wishing and awaiting many more recipes from you...

    ♥Love from Antalya, Turkey♥

  3. Congratulations.

    Interesting post and pictures. Thats a very uniquely plated fruit salad.

  4. Congratulations Wan..looking forward for many more recipes..I love drinking Cranberry juice too..ok I love all fruit juices but I usually drink pineapple and cranberry is an anti-oxidant good for my health..

    Happy happy yummy yum yum 100th post Wan..and where's the Party..I am not in a diet Wan where's the food feast..kindly deliver it ok..hehehe.. *blink*

  5. Congratulations... wishing several hundreds more posts... interesting pictures...

  6. that's a wonderful achievement reaching the 100th post and i'm sure all of your readers have enjoyed reading all of your posts. That dishwashing liquid is really funny " remove stubborn fats"! btw, you have very striking looks!

  7. wow!!Heartiest Congratulations on your milestone!!
    Love the way you blog.Keep it up!!

  8. congratulations! wow! the 100th post..can i possibly reach that number? hehe..

    i thought you gonna show me crabs, i like shrimps too..lobsters are big can't fit my tummy..hehe..but i like tomatoes! those were tempting..simple veggie salad please??

  9. Congratulation my dearest friend on your 100th post. I love visiting your blog coz I do not how to cook, and dont wanna learn that, ha ha. The best thing you do is sharing of health benefits.
    Very nice of your photos too, your pics are always like a professional photographer and you are professional as I think.
    There is a kind of magic in your posts, sometimes when I start reading your posts I dont know what to comment on but when I stop reading, many ideas start apearing as comments and then I get confuse what to choose best.

    Food Jokes are a kind of life giving to your blog, you always chose best.
    Good Luck
    dont miss my new post on Computer Brain

  10. Congratulations Maznah!
    Yes, the tomatoes... I love it!

  11. Hi Wan! congratulation and i love it the photos full of arts... knowing you make me feel bless... Great to know you!!!

  12. Hi balqis, ooooooo I feel so gooood you do like my recipes, did you try the Russian yet? Delicious and easy..
    thanks for your well wishes, I wish the same for you too. Aaamin. Hope we excel in our blogging, which we are so passionate about. Have a nice day.

  13. Hi IBG, many thanks for your all your visits and sweet comments thus far, Godwilling, I will excel in this, as I always like to be the best in whatever good I do.
    Appreciate you being one my great guest bloggers, Antalya is definitely a beautiful attraction. Have a great day.

  14. Hi Three cookies, you are one of my favorite bloggers, I like your posts and writing style..

    I named the fruit stack as “the borobodur”, fruits stacked in terrace style after inspiration I got from the terraced architecture of The ancient borobodur in Java, Indonesia...
    ..whose construction was inspired by terraced paddy fields grown on their hill slopes.
    Lengthy explaination to a simple piece of mixed fruits which I actually had marinated first…aaah long story..have a nice day.

  15. Hi Julie, many thanks for your well wishes, you are always one of the first to visit me and I treasure your friendship.
    Wish the same for you too. Have a wonderful day, I try to submit a recipe to you late ok..

  16. Hi Sie, you are hilarious at times, I like your sense of humor and strong will.. and I am glad we meet in cyber..
    I did not keep for you the food from my banquet 100, because the menu was ancient Roman..ha ha, flamingoes tongue- gourmet, but not for your tastebuds.. have a nice day,
    I know you like crabs and cranberries only.

  17. Hi Amina and salam to you, aamin to hundreds more posts,I wish the same success for you too. Gkad you like my foodie pictures. Have a nice day dear.

  18. Hi Ann, great food is irresistible, the chicken won- in my case, however way it is being prepared.
    But following your recipe is sure a safe bet, where you have already discarded the unhealthy ingredients and reconstruct the menu. have a nice week end..

  19. Hi Lena, thanks for visiting and for the sweet comments, smiles to a pretty lady like you.
    Many thanks also for your well wishes and wish for you successful blogging too- achievable, because you are a great cook.
    Have a nice day, thanks from Katrina for liking her dish-washing joke. Ha ha

  20. Hi Amy, glad you came and commented. Thanks for liking my blog , I enjoy visiting yours too. It was only from you that I learnt there are “Sri Lanka malays”, I am a malay too. All the best to you too and have a nice day.

  21. Slam ! My lovely..its a huge milestone..No doubt! you are doing great & its so sweet to know more about you! you are such a sweet heart dear madam! I wish you write 1000th post one day & i wish i will be the first one for saying CONGRATS to you!
    Lots of Love!

  22. Hi beanizer, what if you do the crab post as my least you have a post to do,…heh heh to you too.
    That would be a big consolation for Sie and me, each time we go to your blog , it would be a mind boggling time for me, thinking what more to comment on this same post—
    OMG, some blogger I knew… your record shows 6 months, so highly unlikely you reach 100 in 10 years from now.. caserra serra .ha ha from me..

  23. Congratulations Wan!Your blog is a true pleasure to visit!
    Love your posts and thanks for sharing the lovely jokes - I am bad at making them but always enjoy others sense of humor - we could all do with good laughs through the days!

    I think Lobster is one of my favorite too but I am never sure how to cook it - maybe you have ideas you like to share.

    Celebrate well and enjoy a good meal, yummy cake with candles. Celebrations are great and deserved. Looking forward the 101st!
    Take care and have a great day!!

  24. Hello Wan, OUTSTANDING!
    Felicitations are in order here. The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a person's foot long enough to enable him or her to put the other somewhat higher.

    Go on to more....200....2000. Your postings are not only beautiful with the many tempting, sinfully delicious food dishes you have cooked or baked with dexterity, finesse and patience, but shows your sentimentality among all.
    They not only inspire, but motivate us, to forget our dieting or to go on enjoy life.

    Your pictures tells not one sentence, but one page. As it is not the camera, but the person behind the camera.
    Live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets, and keep a song in your heart.

  25. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely colour & moods!

  26. your blog and enjoy reading your posts..beautiful picture..hugs:)

  27. Congratulations Wan. Hope to see you continue blogging and do the next 100 soon.

    Spoon and Chopsticks

  28. hi creative mind- feel so good you wish a 1000 for me aaamin- that will be the day, i probably get 1000 visits a day to..thanks for coming dear. i wish you the best in your craftwork and blogging too. have a nice day

  29. hi Marie Harmony, enjoyed your visit and comments, yes may be i do lobster recipe on day.
    i will always have foodie jokes in my blog occasionally.
    i love your writing style too and enjoy reading your interesting posts.. have a nice day marie.

  30. hi kalyan, thanks so much for your visit and lovely have a very interesting blog yourself with many varieties of foodies and cultural and spiritual events.
    have a nice day

  31. hi Suja, appreciate you coming over with many thanks.. i like your blog as well, thats why i always visit you dear. hope we will be more and more successful in future blogging, have a wonderful day

  32. hi spoon and chopsticks, i never stop visiting you since i started knowing you, plus i was a little bit curious about you- being an australian, yet cook asian "originals"... i even guessed you were a singaporean before, ha ha.
    thanks again and all the best to you too, have a nice day

  33. Hi Lee, many thanks for your visit and great comments.. love your blog too.

    I always find your posts interesting, full of fun and energy..and noted the overwhelming response you get from your visitors ,where many always come back and comment twice- now to me, that’s a fantastic achievement… you are the only one I know , who has achieved that…
    And there is excitement and vigor, where everyone starts reading other bloggers comments too..ha ha
    I get to experience that for just one post, that is my bread rhyming recipe…amazing response then. Just a few days ago, somebody from germany email me on it, asking me to link to him, whenever I have any rhyming recipe posts…oh I feel so good..

    Thanks Lee for all your great advice in blogging issues, hoping the best for you always, have a wonderful day dear...

  34. Congrats Wan, your 100 post is so amazing :D I love how your blog is not just about food and you manage to combine it with many other interesting things. :D Keep up the good work!

  35. Oh Wan! Happy 100th post! You are one of the nicest, sweetest bloggers I've ever met and it's been my great pleasure to follow your blog! I've enjoyed each and every post! With great affection~ Ann @ Cooking Healthy For Me

  36. Please accept my late greetings! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy to meet a person with a blog like what you have, very healthy and friendly blog as well.. I like your everyday recipe, your jokes and like what you said, you're sense of humor Wan:) Happy to read your 100th post for your 14 months in sharing! Wish and looking forward for more post from you Wan!:)

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  37. hi Andreea, thanks for coming over with sweet comments for me. yes, i must upkeep to the name varieties and i like to post more than just recipes, especially for my non foodie visitors, who dont cook.
    Foodie jokes is one of my favorite post, because its enlightening and fun for all.

  38. Hi saggittarian, thanks so much for your visit and the lovely comments. Will try to add more humor to my posts next time.
    I enjoy reading your posts too- full of love and sweet haikus sometimes, as such I thought you were a single lady. Ha ha. Have a nice day dear.

  39. Hi Ann, glad you visited with great comments as always. Your blog is great too- delicious healthy menu posted daily, I believe you have contributed a lot of online recipes/. Have a nice day

  40. You have changed your avatar. Congratulation on your 100th post! Ah I miss out on planting roselle this summer looking at that photo.

  41. Heartiest congratulations my dear on reaching the milestone ... Keep rocking with many more delicious posts! Nice to know more about you, beautiful pics :)

    Tasty Appetite

  43. hello Wan..kindly check your mail..thank you Wan ;)

  44. Congratulations. Keep the recipes coming and you will lose count how many post have you done so far.

  45. Hi Malay Kadazan girl- yes, i changed my avatar/ icon and hope you get to plant that roselle soon.. they are of such beautiful deep red color fruits. Thanks so much for your visit and have a wonderful day

  46. Hi ambreen, you are one of my respected blogger friend and remember reading your post, saying about yourself always being a "last minute always rushing busy, busy kind of blogger..ha ha

    thanks for your visit dear, you have done so much for me including giving me 10 awards in one go...
    great success to you too, have a nice day day.

  47. Hi Jay, so happy you came over, indeed you are one my best blogger friend..thanks for the comment and i wish you success too.. have a wonderful day. the bold prints are quite noticeable -great idea

  48. Hi Lunaticg, your wife gave birth yet? thanks for coming over with your well wishes, i wish the same for you too and still wonder to this day why you use this name, when you are a serious numismetic blogger..ha ha
    yeah, you are a great blogger, very consistent over many years now. have a wonderful day

  49. Hi Ana, thanks for coming over, enjoyed reading your google algorithm issues... ocassionally, i intend to put the hypnotic dancers at my side bar- love it so much-unique. have a wonderful day and keep being a world class top blogger

  50. hi cindyrina, thanks for coming, hope you are settled and got back your cam cables..
    i wish for you the best always, try the pistachios soon. have a wonderful week and take care.

  51. Congrats on the milestone!

  52. Happy 100th post Maznah and its sure beautiful shots you have taken and shared all the time.

  53. congrats dear...u ve achieved a lot....

  54. I hope you enjoy being here I look forward to seeing your posts :)