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BEY’S SOUP( Begova Čorba)
Soup from the Ottoman's Empire time. The first three rulers of the Ottoman realm were titled Bey.’
This is a special guest post by blogger chef, Jasna Varcakovic, from Jasna’s kitchen creations, also an Interior decorator in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Born in Bosnia, lived in a few European countries - loved them all and finally settled in  Australia  and a mother of 2 teenage boys.

Check out Jasna’s blog for more exotic recipes from around the world at:  http://jasnaskitchencreations.blogspot.com/   

Jasna said: Thank you for choosing to blog about Bosnian food,...I feel honoured! 

The photos below  were  taken in Bosnia - April 2011 (Spring)
Jasna Varcakovic - 
About me:
I was born in Bosnia in 1966, when my country was stil part of Yugoslavia.
 I had a very  happy childhood, living in Montenegro and Bosnia.
I finished medical (nursing) high school, and started studying Agriculture in Croatia when Civil war in Yugoslavia started.
I had to flee to Austria, where I met my husband. I had my first son in Austria. Our future there was uncertain, so we applied for a refugee visa for Australia.
We got it and arrived in Australia in 1994. It took some time for us to adapt to new country. I’ve fallen  in love with nature, weather and the people of Australia.   
 3 years later I had my other son and we managed to bring our parents here. In a couple of years we bought our first home in which we still live.
8 years ago I completed my Diploma in Interior decoration, and started my own business.

I love reading, painting and cooking, but my biggest 'hobby love' is blogging.

 Cheers from Sydney 

Jasna V.
In Bosnia April 2011
BEY’S SOUP( Begova Čorba)
5-6 chicken pieces with bones ( 500g)
2-3 carrots
½ bunch of parsley leaves
2stalks celery
¼ lemon
2 tbs ghee ( clarified butter)
1 ½ tbs flour
300g okra, fresh or canned (small preferably, or cut if big ones)
2 eggs
Salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste
150 ml sour cream
Extra parsley leaves for garnish
Cook chicken pieces with carrots, celery and parsley leaves in 3 liter water. Add ¼ lemon and some salt and pepper.
When cooked, strain liquid (keep): dice chicken and vegetables.
In a large saucepan, heat ghee and flour. Cook for a few minutes, should stay pale.
Pour the strained liquid, add diced ingredients. Bring to boil, then add okra (ladies finger/ bendhi) and cook until soft.
Add beaten eggs and sour cream. Season to taste and garnish.


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  1. Wow,...you did a great job.
    Thank you again for choosing me and my blog for your lovely post.
    Have a great day

  2. Greetings from Turkey. Turkey is the successor state of the Ottoman Empire. However, we do not have this soup in our homes. It must belong only to the Balkan nations. Although I do not prefer to taste this soup, it should be good for others.

  3. creamy and lemony...this will be delicious..will try it..thank you for sharing..

  4. yuuuummmmyyyy..I love soup Ms.Wan..I'm craving hahaha..

    I made an award for you Ms.Wan..kindly check my site *hugs*

  5. Humm.....thanks for sharing
    Humm.....thanks for sharing

  6. Thats so much of flavors inside this soup and good attachments of beautiful pics.

  7. Thank you for introducing me to new culture and a great soup recipe; going to check out Jasna; great post.

  8. many thanks to ibg, syed alfandi, sie, obehi, nava, , chandrani, rita and santosh for your kind visits and sweet comments.
    Do visit jasna at her site too and have a nice day

  9. Wonderfully aromatic warming soup:) First time here and I loved your blog... Lovely idea to introduce another blogger:) Good job... Enjoyed browsing through..

  10. Love Jasna's cooking too.
    The soup looks delectable!

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    Here is my comment: "this looks like a delux chicken soup! i love the addition of okra. have a great week wan"

    i must say it's a bit strange because i never have any pop up advertisements in my blog.. will check this out, sorry junia for the inconvenience

  12. Jasna Varcakovic, your reciepe is looking very delicious and tasty to me coz soups are always my first pririority. And very nice pics.Jasna Varcakovic, your reciepe is looking very delicious and tasty to me coz soups are always my first pririority. And very nice pics.

  13. Looks very very delicious as i remember my grandma' making it when I was a child! Nice job Ladies!

  14. Oh I wanted to let you know that you have several pop up ads coming out, blocking the comment section! that was my third time, and it worked!

  15. Looks and sounds lovely. What an amazing journey you have had in your live.

  16. Looks soo tempting, and delicious...cant wait 2 try it out...thnx 4sharing...enjoy..tc..:)

  17. Your pictures are fabulous and the soup....fantastic! I love that there is lemon in the broth process and then egg added to it. Stunning! Thanks for sharing - great guest blog!

  18. I never ate soup with lemon but that looks absolutely delicious!

  19. Yum! I've never tasted Bosnian food before! This sounds so good, I love the use of sour cream too to thicken up this yummy soup :)

  20. Delicious & comforting soup!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  21. Good to know a soup from Bosnia, it sounds delicious and lovely clicks too. Thanks Jasna for this great post!

  22. Jasna,
    Are those pictures scenes from Bosnia or Australia?

    Really touched my heart your having to flee from own country, and finally having to find a new place to start all over again. Used to watch only movies on the civil wars, its really heartbreaking!

    Australia is a beautiful country, my niece and nephew are there now for their Phd studies and sending home lots of beautiful pictures.

    Best wishes and hope you are happy in the new country.

    TQ for sharing this wonderful soup.

  23. Thank you for sharing so many delicious recipes here. :)

  24. many thanks to sarang mangi, Sandra, geni, mughda, ann, andreea, parsley sage, prathima, treat and trick, Katrina and balqis for the kind visits and sweet comments.
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  25. Yummy, thanks for the recipe good thing it can be bought all here in our country, I bet this soup will make my wife's day thanks a lot

    Zero Dramas

  26. My husband and I must watch our diet. This is a perfect recipe for us. Nutritious and loaded with vitamins and calcium. Best of all it sounds delicious.

  27. thanks for bringing up a bosnian type of dish. My first time reading on a bosnian food. Thanks so much!

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  29. guest post looks wonderful checked out the site thank you

  30. Thank you Wan and your readers for lovely comments.
    @ Katrina
    Thank you for your warm wishes.
    Photos are from Bosnia, taken in spring (April) 2011.

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  32. What a lovely post. I really enjoyed the photos and the sound of that delicious soup.

  33. this is great. i learn one recipe for traditional bosnian dish, thanks

  34. thank you!!I'll try it!!!

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  35. Hello Wan, I am just curios, how does the food it taste?Is it an Indian recipe?

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  37. a million thanks to jasna for your willingness to do guest post for me- really appreciate that. have a wonderful day.

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