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My special guest blogger on how to be an expert in pairing cheese, Nava Krishnan from Malaysia, had actually done 3 guest posts for me before , feel free to visit her 3 recipes - here are  the links:
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Nava Krishnan

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By Reader's Digest Editors: Expertly pair cheese with unexpected and delicious ingredients that will delight your guests or your next date. Even if you don’t consider yourself a foodie or a culinary genius, pairing cheese with other foods is an easy way to impress your guests without turning on the stove.  Here are our top favorites

Asadero is a Mexican cheese that can be found in most major markets.  The soft creamy texture works perfectly with the sweet citrus punch of a fresh Clementine ( a variety of mandarin orange).
Havarti is a semi sweet Danish cow’s milk cheese that’s smooth texture works nicely with the sweet crunch of a fresh pear. Perfect sliced or grilled together for a delicious grilled  sandwich.
Gouda is a yellow Dutch cheese with a smooth caramel sweetness, which works wonderfully with spiced nuts.
CAMEMBERT & CANTALOUPE  (honey dew melon).
Camembert is a French cheese that boasts a very creamy, smooth texture. The rich flavor of the Camembert compliments the sweet, juicy cantaloupe
Ricotta is an Italian soft cheese that is widely used with sweets. Pair it with your favorite honey and serve on toast points or crackers for a sweet, creamy treat. 
Parmesan is an Italian hard cheese that can be paired with virtually any food.
Garnishing for salads and pasta dishes.
Brie is a soft, creamy French cheese that works wonderfully with tart, fresh green apples. Try paired slices or melt the two together for a delicious appetizer.
Cheddar originated in England and this rather hard, sharp tasting food works wonderfully with summer’s fresh cherries.
Mascarpone is a very soft, Italian cheese that is frequently used in desserts. Serve as a dip for fresh strawberries for a treat that’s both smooth and tart.
Fontina is an Italian cheese that has a nutty, rich and fruity flavor making it pair well with dark chocolate. Serve together or melted over a graham cracker.

A cheese platter. Wikimedia Commons photo by Dorina Andress, cropped by Neutrality     see banner at sidebar of this blog


  1. Ola! now I know more about cheese. I only have cheddar and parmesan in my fridge. The really really don't know how to eat it.

  2. Interesting and useful post (bookmarked!)
    Thanks for that

  3. These look wonderful. My son is getting married and having a small family reception for out-of-town relatives a few days after the "big" reception. I will definitely be using these recipes. Not only delicious but beautiful on a lovely platter! Thank you for sharing these.

  4. Hello Ms.Wan..yummy lots of cheese..I didn't know there are more types of cheese..I only knew parmesan,cheddar and cream cheese..I love cheese so much..

    passing by Ms.Wan have a nice day :) *hugs*

  5. Nava, this article sounds really great and I learnt a lot about cheese pairing today! Thanks!!
    Wan, I must say, what a variety here in cooking-varieties!! That's why I love your blog so much! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!!

  6. lovely write up and informative visit the ongoing event and send us some beautiful recipes of yours :)
    A Girl's Diary
    What's On Your Kebab Platter

  7. Thanks to Maznah and to the rest too. In fact I was alien to cheese until I had to write this article. Appreciate all the beautiful comments you great people, take care.

  8. Great information, very useful. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. A very helpful entry on cheese. I love it.

  10. I love cheese..steak & cheese, cheesecakes and those nacho dips..but memories of the past,.too expensive here. Even pizza hut is skimping on their pizzas nowadays.

  11. Cheese is one of my favourites! I like the great ideas of pairing cheese with other food as mentioned in this post. It really sounds yummy!

  12. Nice to meet my two blogger friends in the same blog :D. I love Nava's posts and she has always something different to offer.
    Cruise Pictures

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  14. Like it..Love it..Yum, yum yummm :)
    Thanks a bunch for sharing with us!!

  15. Thanks for sharing this very informative post. I have now learnt more about cheese pairing. I have bookmarked it!

    Spoon and Chopsticks

  16. I love cheese and I'm always looking for new ways to eat it. I tried Gouda and nuts and it was amazing, I also tried Cheddar and cherries and it works really well. I love these new ideas, so great for a cheese tasting party! Lovely!

  17. Hello my friend! Always nice to come back to read your beautiful article. Very understandable , simple and elegant. I wish a excellent weekend for you, with very smiles and peace! Visit me too. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil.

  18. thanks for visiting my blog :) looking forward for more visits and more comments

  19. I can live on cheese.. simply love them.

    My last visit to Japan, besides turning into a vegetarian (fruits and veges), the whole week I survived on cheese for my lunch and dinners, (as I wasn't sure of their "halal" status).

    Thank you for sharing.. looks delicous.

  20. very lovely and gourmet looking cheese platter. cheese is one of my favorites..

    wan, i bake a cake for you this eid.. will give it to you when you are back from your hometown.. come over ok. thanks

  21. Many thanks to creative mind, spoon and chopsticks, andreea, nelson, raksha and TH Flowers for your kind visits and sweet comments. Have a nice day to all.
    @ TH - many thanks dear, i know you will, like before :) yum yum

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  24. thank you ambreen and IBG for the comments and visits.

    @ Nava-k- a very special thank you to you for doing guest post for me, especially on cheese , which is so popular and very well received by visitors to this blog.

  25. Hi all you great people,
    thanks so much, love all the sharing and comments, take care.

  26. thank you for sharing these info on the cheese. Have not seen fontina, harvati and asadero. Looking at the rest of the varieties, i only managed to try out the common ones like cheddar, parmesan, mascarpone and also feta. As for the rest, do not really know what to do with them.

  27. I don't eat cheese that much but these will be coming handy one day.

  28. I added a link to this post to a holiday group I belong to on FB. I'm sure it will be a big hit.

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