Wednesday, October 26, 2011


1 medium size whole pumpkin, cut into four. Cut again each quarter into half. Total 8 pieces. Do not peel skin. Remove seeds.
1 1/2  cup palm sugar/ maple syrup
2 pieces screw pine leaves (pandan)
25 pieces cloves
1 cm young ginger root- chiffanade (paper thin slices)
A pinch of salt- I prefer the Himalaya rock salt
The way to do it:
Fill up a large pot with water and boil the pumpkin (submerged) until cooked, not too soft. You may test- poke a bit with a tiny stick, if it feels soft, then its cooked.
Carefully take out each piece from the water (avoid breaking) and place on individual serving plates. I serve 2 pieces per plate. Set aside.

Use a small pan and add 3 cups of water. Add in palm sugar, salt, ginger, knotted screw pine leaves (pandan) and cloves. Stir until sugar dissolves. Here, we get fresh and pure palm sugar and it’s flavor is most suitable for making desserts.
Pour the syrup onto the pumpkin when ready to eat.
You may use maple syrup instead. Over here maple syrup is rather a much more expensive imported ingredient.
This is a vintage recipe from the Malays of Malaysia. It is a sweet, savory and fragrant dessert, best for tea… better yet chamomile tea or chamomile tea with lemon.

Pumpkin,   a low calorie vegetable, is rich in beta carotene (anti oxidant).Usually, the darker the skin, the higher the beta carotene content.

It is an excellent source of vitamin A, a great source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber.
Also contains vitamin B1, B3, B5 and B6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Beta carotene is of red, orange and yellow pigments called carotenoids, provides approximately 50% of our body’s vitamin A requirement.

Beta carotene helps prevent certain cancers, heart disease, cataracts, Alzheimer disease, depression, heartburn , parkinson and  rheumatoid arthritis.

Beta carotene  SUPPLEMENTS are not recommended for general use.
Preventing bronchitis and difficulty  breathing in smokers- beta carotene from food helps, but beta carotene from  SUPPLEMENTS do not
There are so many health benefits which i have earlier posted on this in greater details at


  1. This is a really unique dessert. Initially I thought it was a side dish for a main meal. I haven't seen a pumpkin dessert where the pumpkin is served whole/un-pureed.

  2. Wow! I bet this pumpkin serawa would taste good with vanilla ice cream too! ^^

  3. never seen this before...looks yummy!! Thanks for introdusing....

  4. Wowowow! I like this!:) Thanks Ms.Wan! :)

  5. What a great dessert. You let the delicious ingredients shine - terrific! Your pictures are stunning as always.....

  6. Hi Wan, nice pics. You are a very creative photographer, good angles too.
    For some reason or other pumpkin not on my food menu, ha ha.
    My wife will bake pumpkin cakes, whatever, I might take a bite, but thats it, ha ha.
    The ones here are King Kong size too, but also got 'S' size for Halloween, kids fool around with.
    And yes, it is a healthy food too.
    Never mind, I eat durians instead, ha ha.
    You have a nice day. Keep a song in your heart.

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    @nashnordin, your suggestion on eating this with vanilla ice cream is a great yummy idea..thanks

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    day for you :)

  10. Wow!!! very unique and creative. This is new to me. Nice snaps.

  11. Pumpkins are such a big fav for me and this is such a simple recipe and looks really tempting.

  12. Wow! This is so yummy and healthy! Love eating serawa labu. :)

  13. Our eating habits usually begins from home, for some reasons, my mother never prepared pumpkins in any of her menus.

    I started taking only when I was married, came in all kinds of recipes. The latest, a friend sent me a pumpkin baked pie! and it was so delicious.

    And I tasted a 'serawa' cut in cubes and mixed with potatoes cubes, and really enjoyed the sweetness of pumpkin in that mixture.

    Will definitely try this soon, must be nice with the palm syrups!

    Beautiful photography!

  14. @ katrina- many thanks for your visit and sweet comments. i have never tried pumpkin serawa with potatoes- thanks for the great idea...
    have a wonderful day

  15. CV.. it should have been .. sweet potatoes..and some sago, really a nice combination!

  16. Nice dessert...looks yummy...

  17. Very informativ post and lovely dessert.
    Have a good weekend Wan!

  18. Again a new one. Whenever I hop here, I am learning some new things. so nice of you!!!

  19. pumpkin...good one!!! high fiber

  20. Such a warm autumn dish, I have a few pumpkins I can try this one out on!

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    @ Katrina- thank you, sweet potatoes excellent with sago
    @ 1-2punch – thanks, you will find this very delicious
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  22. This is the exact way my mom used to serve pumpkin to me, so beautiful. Thanks for making me a little nostalgic :D

  23. Pumpkin..timing for this Halloween hehehe..a nice idea from you again Ms.Wan..and an added info. for me again..I thought eating pumpkin was only good for the eyes now I know it can also help on heart burns so I needed to eat pumpkin most of the time..thank you for this post Ms.Wan

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    Tasty Appetite

  25. This sounds like a very delicious way to eat pumpkin!

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  27. Looks unique n intersting one!lovely info too..

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  29. Perfect for the season! I love how simple yet delightful the recipe is ~ thanks for sharing my dear :)

  30. wow, interesting and unique dessert..perfect for the season now..

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  32. Assalamu alaykum,
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  34. What a delicious and beautiful dessert - just in time for Thanksgiving. Nice and healthy!!!

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  39. This is totally new to me. I have never seen or heard of this dish. Thanks for sharing. It looks great!

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