Monday, October 3, 2011


Ingredients: makes 24 pieces
1 cup mashed potatoes-  about 4 pieces medium sized potatoes (skinned and cut into 4)
200 grams minced meat
 5 tbsp suji flour
Suji flour to roll in the meat balls
6 tbsp wheat flour
1 medium size onion- minced- can get about ½ cup
1 teaspoon instant yeast
4 tbsp corn flour
4 tbsp minced coriander leaves
4 pieces bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Some raw vegetables of your choice- may be tomatoes or grated cabbage
Boil potatoes with 2 pieces bay leaves until soften. Scoop out the potatoes and then mash them up. Set aside.

Boil minced meat in some water. Add in salt, pepper and 2 pieces bay leaves. The water level should be just enough to cover the meat, do not put too much. Once the water almost dries up,  add in onions. Continue stirring for about 5 minutes, to wilt the onions and make it more flavorful and the meat slightly oily due to it's own fat. Let the meat keep its moisture and not get dried up.Turn off fire and leave to cool.

Use a small bowl, stir in mashed potatoes, minced meat, yeast, suji, wheat and corn flour  until well mixed.
And in coriander (and cut chili if you like). If the dough is soft, add a bit more wheat flour.
This is a thick dough, somewhat almost like a cookie dough, but after frying, the inside is soft..
Shape into balls. Ensure it is firmly rolled / shaped, so that they don’t break up when frying. Set aside for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, spread some suji flour on a tray. Roll in the meat balls in the suji flour until all are fully covered with suji flour.

Heat up oil in a frying pan. Fry suji meat balls until brown. Don’t put too many/ too close together or cluttered, because the meat balls will expand a bit while frying. When browned, turn to the other side. Do this like twice for each side. The suji coating will be of a much lighter color, it will not brown much, as compared to the dough mixture
This suji coat gives a pretty texture to the meat balls and also makes the outer part uniquely crunchy.

While waiting for the meat balls to brown, arrange the raw veggies on a serving plate. You may want a dip for the veggies and meatballs. To prepare a simple dip, use tomato sauce and  mix it with some black pepper sauce.


  1. sounds so good!!!! I only people bake cookies or cake using suji..never thought can be use for meatball.mmmm...

  2. Lovely and its really healthy Maznah, a creative recipe of yours, never knew suji can be added inside, sure I learn something new today.

  3. I love meat balls, they are so easy to make and a perfect food to take as lunch at work if you want to avoid eating out.

  4. They looked like begedil with suji. It's an interesting mix!

  5. Ms.Wan you are always posting my fave foods..I love meatballs and I usually cook it for my kids and yes I put potatoes and grated carrots with cheese to make it more healthy..I am starving give me Ms.Wan hehehe.. :)

  6. What a great twist on meatballs!

  7. Thanks for sharing dear,never knew suji can be added to meatballs.A good way to use up my suji sitting in the pantry.I suppose it gives a nice crunch to the meatballs...

  8. Hi CV,
    Always heard my late mum mentioned suji flour (for Malay traditional kueh tepung suji, never bothered to check what the flour is all about... haha

    Curious, I checked today..
    No wonder it taste different.

    My kids loved meatballs very much, will try this recipe one day.

    TQ for sharing

  9. This looks delicious...Lovely presentation..

  10. Wow factor is Suji. Recently I tasted that in home. Very nice of adding Suji with meat. Havent tasted Meat balls. Sorry I was ill thats why I gave less respone.
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  11. How creative!; love this idea; can only imagine that taste.

  12. Sounds healthy and delicious..superb idea,will surely give this a try

  13. sounds so delicious, wonderful recipe and bookmarked it..

  14. i love ths and happy to knw the receipe..

  15. wonderful recipe dear ..looks awesome and delicious!!

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  17. Suji will definitely give a very nice cripy bite to the patties ~ nice recipe n love how you presented it too!

  18. This is entirely new to me... looks delicious.. nice clicks.. bookmarking it..

  19. These look very tasty! I've never seen meatballs with mashed potatoes in them...very clever!

  20. will this taste similar to "Begedel"..?

  21. hello ms.Wan wow lots of them..commenting on your site ms.Wan..kindly check your g-mail account ms.Wan..I have sent a mail and I'll be waiting for your reply..I found it on your profile :)

  22. *smelling* Meatballsssssss!!!!

    Ms Sie, why didn't you invite me here? You afraid I'm gonna eat them all? Ms. Wan, didn't Ms. Sie tell you I'm a food taster? *holding baby spoon and fork* *big eyes on meatballs*

  23. ok Ms.Wan Beany is here..yes he is a food taster it will be a lot of fun having him here keep on posting Ms.Wan both of us will be waiting and wanting for your dishes..ssssshhhh just preparing for my future family Beany..weeeeeee :)

  24. many thanks for the kind visits and great comments, to, julie, sie and beanizer, aipi, amina, ann and alfandi. have a nice day to all.

    @ ann- thanks, for that "clever" word :)

    @ beanizer, welcome to sie's friend's blog

    @alfandi- not the same as begedil, it has lots of meat, no spices at all, only bay leaf and its uniquely crunchy on the outside cos of the suji coat, no eggs too .thanks-

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  26. Looks good!!! Suji gives it that crispiniess..:0
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  27. it looks delish! haven't tried to create meatballs with potatoes! interesting...

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  28. Lovely recipe..they looks very nice and crispy....Do check my give away...

  29. That sounds really delicious!

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  30. Thanks for your visiting on my space and your comment. I thing you have a lovely blog with interesting recipies, all unknown for me; also to tell you that the photos are fantastic.

    Greetings from Spain


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  32. Hi, I must say seeing your these well displayed pics of your very creative culinary skills, a necktie should be worn if and when invited for dinner to your home. Very classy.
    And I have never seen these suji meatballs before. They sure look good!
    Might make people forget their manners and ask for more, ha ha.

    Looking at your pics here, it must have required dexterity, delicacy, finesse, coordination and patience on your part, and that certain ingredient called, you used 'love'.

    There is nothing more appealing on this Earth than that of a beautiful wife or mother in the act of cooking for her loved ones.
    And if not married, very dangerous to bachelors.....
    eating your not to mention very delicious dishes, but very innovative cooking, he'll certainly give up his Bachelor's degree, marry the cook, ha ha ha.

    You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.

  33. Fantastic and yummy! Adding suji gives this meatball a nice crunch and also tastier....

  34. how cool I bet these would freeze well for my kids lunches!

  35. New follower who headed over after seeing your name on Ann from Cooking Healthy for Me's site. This is such an interesting and tasty dish. I'll have to try and find that suji flour here. I find it so hard to find some things where I live. It seems to be a bit of a culinary black hole. Hope you have a wonderful day. Glad I stopped by.

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    Wan, your latest post is so yummy-licious! Every time I'm there, I always have a sudden hunger pang! Btw, I commented but faced the problem of not seeing my comments as usual. I have the same problem in some other blogs. Loved your post! :)

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  39. frying with suji? havent tried that but these meatballs sounds good to me!

  40. This is the first time I heard about suji meat balls. Looks interesting. Thank you for the introduction.

  41. This looks very unique and interesting. I love suji/semolina and yesterday I made a semolina cake. But never seen it in a meatball, it would add great texture

  42. Just mouth-watering...looks so easy to prepare and delicious!

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