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For the sake of it’s great health benefits, I tried my best to acquire the taste of bitter gourd. Whenever I cook this, i will say it is not bitter, it only tastes unique. May be one day I will make a salad dish out of the red pith, since it is edible and sweet. Ahaaa what says you.
3 pieces Spanish mackerel – makes 2 cups ( or red snapper )
5 cm young ginger root
6 pieces shallots
2 tbsp concentrated tamarind juice
1 tbsp sugar and salt to taste
Blend all the above ingredients.
1 cup grated coconut ( preferably not fully ripen yet)
¼  cup minced coriander leaves
¼ cup  minced daun kesum ( you may substitute this with sweet basil leaves)
1 large size bitter gourd
The way to do it
Put  all the blended ingredients, grated coconut and coriander etc in  a bowl and mix well to form a dough.
Slice bitter gourd on an angle, about 2cm cuts and remove pith and seeds. 
Stuff in fish dough. Shape the balance of dough into balls
If you feel that the gourd is too bitter for your taste buds, you may cut it first and soak the cut gourd in salt water for an hour, then rinse, before stuffing in the fish.
This is a vintage recipe where the daun kesum makes a world of difference in taste.

Ingredients for soup
2 tbsp spice soup powder
1 shallot- slice
2 pieces garlic- minced
Salt and pepper
4- 5 cups water (depends on quantity of your gourd slices)
2 tbsp cooking oil.

Saute shallot and garlic until wilted. Add in soup powder. Stir for a few seconds, add in water.
Only when the water boils, add in stuffed bitter gourd. When bitter gourd looks crisp tender, may be about 15 minutes, turn off fire and remove pot from the stove top. This helps maintain color of the gourd.
The American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of fish per week to help prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
chinese phenotype

Bitter gourd, also known as bitter melon, is low in calories but big on nutrients, with twice as much potassium as a banana and twice the beta-carotene of broccoli. It is the most bitter of all edible fruits.

The fruit is often eaten green. It can also be eaten  ripe and of yellowish color. However, it becomes mushy and more bitter as it ripens.

Unripe seeds and pith appear white, they are removed before cooking. However, the pith will become sweet and turns red when the fruit is fully ripe. The pith can be eaten uncooked in this state and is a popular ingredient in some southeast Asian salads- I have never tried this before.

How to treat asthma with bitter gourd roots. Grind the roots of bitter gourd into a smooth paste. Mix one teaspoon of the paste with one teaspoon of honey or one teaspoon of tulsi (Holy Basil) leaf juice. Drink the solution once every night before bedtime. Continue the process

Medicinal plant project- wiki (Excerpts):
There are many medicinal and health benefits of bitter gourds:
-Help diabetics lower their glucose levels (hypoglycemic effect) and detoxify the body
-To stimulate digestion, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
-To prevent tumors, balances hormones and enhance immunity

Ivy Gourd
A scene at the supermarket veggie section- Sue said to Susan:
Susan you were the one who introduced me to Ivy Gourd, ooooopss!,
 I mean introduced Ivy Gourd to me..... just a smile for you…..


  1. Wan, this looks amazing! I didn't know that this vegetable has such great health benifits!! Thanks for sharing the amazing recipe too!

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  5. delicious recipe..must have tasted good too!!

  6. Very creativ and interesting recipe. I never tried gourd before.

  7. My mum makes this and I don't like it. I didn't like beer and many things when I was small but that changed. So maybe its time for me to try bittergourd only, it has lot of health benefits as you say.

  8. Hello Wan, I love these! And your presentation really very nice ad tempting.
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  10. i like bitter gourd too! yu! for health purpose keep thinking its not bitter hehehe

  11. I cook bitter gourd very often at home, its such a natural cure and remedy, esp helps in controlling the diabetics of my hubby. Your recipe looks so delish and tempting too

  12. i love bittergourd and glad that i loved it knowing all of its benefits.

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  15. many thanks for the kind visits and sweet comments from purabi naha, my kitchen flavors, dzoli, sie, yummy chunklet, Julie balqis, nava, jasna, three cookies and lee
    @ lee, I eat belacan like 3 times a month. I also like soy sauce with shallots and chili

  16. many thanks for the kind visits and sweet comments from purabi naha, my kitchen flavors, dzoli, sie, yummy chunklet, Julie balqis, nava, jasna, three cookies and lee
    @ lee, I eat belacan like 3 times a month. I also like soy sauce with shallots and chili

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  18. I've heard of bitter gourd, but I've never seen it sold anywhere near me. I'm not sure - since it's so bitter - that I'd actively seek it out, but the health benefits can't be denied! You did a lovely recipe with it....

  19. It was you who introduced this to me, you got some fresh tiny ones from your garden, we took it raw with rice and from there I began to love bitter gourds. (Peria katak in Malay - frog gourd - suppose because of the size and shape)

    So many dishes one can make from it, but this recipe is fantastic.. never tried before!

    I was told by the elders, gourd is also good for the heart..

  20. Sorry Wan I havent come to your space for a while and I'm missing out on your healthy dishes! I know medically bitter gourd is just fantastic for diabetics, but its way too bitter for me!

  21. How creative, you came up with this fantastic dish, stuffing bitter gourd with fish. I bet it tasted yummy with its health benefit!

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  26. hi Ann, just too bad you don’t have bitter gourd over there, else you sure have come up with an exotic recipe by now

  27. hi Ann, just too bad you don’t have bitter gourd over there, else you sure have come up with an exotic recipe by now

  28. I've heard of bitter gourd, but I've never seen it in the local stores. Great recipe.

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  32. A new dish to me. Stuffing looks nice and different.
    Hey Wan, here is the link for Amaranth leaves
    Please check that.

  33. This is a very interesting way to prepare bitter gourd. I never tried it so I am hoping for some bitter gourd this summer and have a go preparing this dish. Thanks for sharing. I did not realise that its potassium is twice than banana.

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  36. @ malay kadazan girl- bitter gourd is so easy to grow -as vines, the harvest is plenty ( over and over), and the health benefits excellent.
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  37. Oh dear, I just love bitter-gourds. What an interesting recipe with fish stuffing!

  38. You remainded me of my childhood because I have grown them in my small garden. Pakistani Gourd is same as Indian Gourd, and the good thing was that it ripped very well. Wish you Eid Adha in advance