Friday, September 23, 2011


Last quarter of september, cooking varieties celebrates her one year old anniversary 
This time around, me not in the mood to publish recipe, me wanna share some food jokes with thee… sit back, relax and be happyyyyy…
How to crack a joke? Err err,,
Use a kitchen nut cracker
My first cartoon on blogwalk is named  Fishy..ya, this first one is on fish.

Once upon a blogging  time, i had a guest post entitled, something like- "FISH  RECIPE.  STEAK RECIPE

The actual recipe ingredients and cooking method (bake) posted was on “FISH” . 
My guest post blogger added that beef can also be used instead of fish. However, if beef  is used, choose the type of beef similar/ suitable  for making steak. That is why it is named “steak recipe”, in fact there was no post on steak recipe at all.

Then….one fine day, i got one comment on this post, it said = 
“Thanks for adding steaks in my bbq parties, I thought that my party can't be end without having steaks. Everything I made by watching your bbq steak article , you made it very easily. I took double of your time for cooking.”
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Should i publish this great comment ?… LOL  am flattered !!!  my fish got drowned!

Next joke, I saw at Anciro’s - “Kalamay, a Philippines delicacy that you will surely love once you tasted. Not so sticky that you dont need to chew overtime....”  LOL

Here are some food tips that i came across on my rare googling spree (once in 3 months may be, i don’t  like to google much)- well i will not mention names here: The print in red are my words to explain as and where necessary.
1. Treatment for scaly feet- Scrub scaly feet with Noni fruit that is cooked on the  tree (ripe) until evenly and leave for 30 minutes.
2. Also can boil, after cold- filtered and drunk
3. You need laxative for constipation- In effect, the bowel was choked up (constipation), can become smooth again (laxative).
4. The enzyme bromelain which is stored in a pineapple, is strong ammunition, that can KO-raid serious diseases (opposite of OK), such as tumors, atherosclerosis…
5. Fruit of the skin filled with gold scales (means pineapple) makes the body's defense system becomes more solid.
6. Rub on the skin of the sick with mash pineapple leaves until smooth. Just smeared on the skin of the sick, because not all people are free to consume the pineapple. The fruit of this one has side effects …..
7. (1) Large-sized tomato fruit,(2) tomato vegetable with a smaller size and (3) cherry tomatoes are just of a marble. (explained 3 different sizes of tomatoes).
8. Nutritious tomatoes eliminate wear (quench your thirst) and increase appetite to multiply out of saliva. Tomato also has antipyretic properties alias (@) lowering a fever. Benefits of tomatoes is already in rigorous long time.
9. Undoubtedly, 'Pop star' for the source of calcium is milk.
10. Logically, the right food for our bone is bone. Therefore, consuming a lot of chicken claws/ bones contain a lot of calcium (is good).
11. The body produces vitamin D in response to sunlight- that’s surprising – the sun is not technically a food OK
cooking varieties add to this:
I am not sure what time of the day, you can get the food, when the sun is vertically or horizontally, just hang on out there for the D.. if too much hanging on, your skin gets a C.  Let’s be honest, I mean a skin complications- C baby ! !
12. Salt is the main person who removes calcium in the body. The more salt you eat, the more calcium is taken away by urine. Embedded (?eat?) in low-salt diet, for good health

13. Guava actually tastes good, it’s benefits so many, but because many seeds, people are lazy to buy or to eat it. Actually, to separate the seeds with the flesh is not difficult…so eat !

14. In one advertisement at an eatery (called Chocolate Bar) , says- “Chocolate Bar offers chocolate buffet with 57 creations of chocolate. You can spoil your tongue at The Chocolate Bar!

15.  This last one  is  from cooking varieties:  At a restaurant- a guest asked the waiter. Do you serve muffins here? The waiter replied ”we serve everyone sir- including  Tom, Dick and Harry”. Welcome Mr Muffins sir, have a seat
Cooking varieties blueberry banana cinnamon muffins 

If you have any Foodie jokes to share, put it down in my comment box, I may just publish them in my future Food jokes post. Thank you –smile.. an everlasting smile


  1. Silly Billy.You made me laugh:)

  2. hahaha....enjoyed...:P
    awesome n very hearty post..!
    I have posted ur award at my space..Thanks again..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  3. I was a bit sad regarding my blog's change of name n URL as there were no comments in my new post,I think none of them are able to trace me now..I am pretty much worried :-(
    But after reading this I feel happy to be relaxed!!

  4. Ms.Wan I was really laughing..on those guavas (lol)..and that kalamay..well I am from the Philippines I should know..yes it is so delicious and so is a bit sticky so yeah better swallow it so you can have another one is made out of mixed fresh coconut and sugar..I really don't know how the old folks do it but it really taste good Ms.Wan..the best kalamay's come from my Grandpa's province :)

  5. This is no joke,
    But why on earth name this very special chicken part Bishop's Nose? O please anybody, explain why?


  6. Fantastic post! It really brightened my rain-soaked Friday!

  7. that was a great post, enjoyed them all...thanks for sharing these jokes, so nice of you to come up with such a different post..

  8. Very funny!!! A good laugh for the day is very healthy. I loved #15 the best!

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  10. LOL! That was a fun post :) I am glad you posted a photo of the Noni fruit - finally I know what it looks like!

  11. What a great post, it really made my day. I have a joke related to eating, but not necessarily food. Here it goes:

    What's the worst thing about being an octopus?

    Washing your hands before dinner.

  12. It was really funny. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Im smiling too! a nice little break. Im glad you are enjoying this thing called blogging! Nice to meet "NOni fruit"

  14. nice suggestions, tips and ideas for a healthy body.

  15. Hahaha...and great tips too!
    (I tried to download one of awards you forwarded to me, but couldn't make it)

  16. Hi Wan!
    HAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE these jokes and I LOVE your amazing blog more and more every time I see it!! You must be sooooo busy! You are soooooo creative and unique and sooooo colorful! "My cup of tea!" In other words, "JUST what I like!" hahaha The sunshine banner is the cutest "joke" ever! It is so adorable1 I love them all! Your blog is so much fun to read. It is like as I look at all the pics, I really feel like i am tasting the food and savoring each bite and scent as i am looking at it! It melts me away into food haven and makes me hungry. Good therapy for me since my appetite is not good these days. hehehe
    Thank you for working so hard for your readers and for the amazing recipes and incredible tips. What a treat- one right after another!!!
    So Addy is so busy every minute with studying and writing papers and making good grades for the University he is attending, and this is his last year!!! Yes, Addy posts the great games and chooses only the best for our blog. He could not get away this AM, so I come in his place to receive an award from you that you mentioned on our blog??? So please let me know what to do next. You are very generous and giving,and always thinking of others. Thank you, my dear sweet blogging friend, for choosing us! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Until then, happy blogging and take care! I WILL be back to read and relax again soon! Love, Lynne

  17. Ok Wan!
    I just reread my note from you and it says to find and collect the award and download it onto my site, so i will see if i can do that. I will let you know if i cannot. Thank you so much!!!! ~Lynne and Addy
    Boy, this is fun! :)

  18. I haven't see that fruit before thank you for sharing
    delicious looking muffins
    you are right wish everything was organic so many sicknesses can be avoided
    regards Akheela

  19. Hi Wan,thanks for dropping in. This one is a luvly post with Tips,Info,Joke and a recipe link with an appetizing click of Muffins.Enjoyed reading it.thanks for dropping in at my place.

  20. What a great post to celebrate your blog anniversary, funny and informative! BTW the muffin looks tempting and calling me to pick them up....

  21. Nice on Maznah and some are really hilarious esp the comments you get and don't know whether to delete or publish. I have heard so much on the Noni fruit and its goodness. Am trying to get the plant so that I can grow it in my garden. Have a nice day.

  22. hehe you are making me LOL...what an entertaining entry!

  23. Great post. You put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.

  24. he he ~ lovely read,brought a big smile to my face!! Thanks for sharing my dear :)

  25. What gorgeous, gorgeous muffins. Thanks for making me smile! :)

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  27. What a fun post. Happy Blog-o-versary! Here's to many more blogging years!

  28. Lol, funny jokes of the food I'm very enjoining

  29. Realistic jokes!!! You made me to smile. First time came to know abt the noni fruit. Thanks for the info.


  30. Nice jocks, I am unable to stop my laugh. Very great, this is first time I read food jocks. Congratulation again for your blogs birth aniversary.
    Do read my new funny post on Python
    Nice jocks, I am unable to stop my laugh. Very great, this is first time I read food jocks. Congratulation again for your blogs birth aniversary.
    Do read my new funny post on Python

  31. Hi....Thnx for stopping by...This is a awesome post..Very nice jokes...Hey btw I am not studying these days...Following you dear...

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  37. You are so generous. Sharing with us laughter and many wonderful healthy tips.

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  39. enjoy reading this. If can, next time i try to chew on some bones and eat them..for my bones!!